Paranormal Caught On Camera is a 2019 ghastly reality television series that released its very first season back in the year 2019.  The series has got its fifth season already and the sixth season is underway and has been released already as of this writing (July 2023). The previous season was released last year and officials of the documentary show are once again coming back with another season.

Hosts and Cast Of Paranormal Caught On Camera 

Narrator Paul Kaup has been narrating the series and has narrated 69 episodes. Paul Kaup is known for several notable television series like World’s Dumbest, Court Cam, and Clickbait. The list of cast for this documentary series is quite long and each of the crew members have a major role to play in each episode for every season they appear. Some of the cast of the horror documentary series are mentioned below. 

  • Brian J. Cano
  • Mark Moran 
  • Susan Slaughter 
  • Dan Sturges 
  • Sapphire Sandalo
  • Mark Sceurman 
  • Derek Hayes 
  • Lynn S McNeill
  • Ben Kissel 
  • Aaron Sagers
  • Rachel Evans 
  • Natalia Reagan 
  • Ronny LeBlanc
  • Rosemary Guiley 
  • Jeff Emtman
  • Mireya Mayor 
  • Jason Patton 

The list of cast that has been listed above has been with the show since the beginning whereas some of the casts joined mid way season. The most appearances have been made by Brian J. Cano and has appeared from 2019 to 2022. The sixth season has just been released and we could witness the majority of the cast reprising their roles once again. Let us see some of the casts of the show in detail and their role in the paranormal documentary series.  

Ben Hansen: Investigative Journalist and Host

Ben Hansen is a well known TV personality and has been in several notable horror and supernatural TV series. Some of his notable work includes UFO Witness, Fact or Faked, Ghosts of Morgan City, and many more. Ben Hansen has also appeared as a guest in the show Ghost Hunters last year in 2022. 

Michelle Belanger: Paranormal Expert and Investigator 

Michelle Belanger is an American author and has authored several non-fiction books in her writing career. Apart from writing, the 50-year-old author has also appeared in several television documentaries. Most of the documentaries that she worked in focused on magic and modern occultism. 

Jael de Pardo: Investigator and Television Personality 

Jael de Pardo is a Colombian actress and a famous television personality. She is also a producer and is known for her several notable works like Subway Cafe (2004), Scumbag (2017) and By Chance (2002). The actress has got her role as an investigator in the show and fans have always been left impressed by her work. 

Brian J. Cano: Paranormal Investigator and Tech Expert 

Brian J. Cano is an American actor and has been in the show ever since the beginning. He is one of the actors who has got the most appearances in the documentary show. His role in the show is that he plays himself as a paranormal investigator and also a tech expert. Brian Cano is also a famous television personality, curator, lecturer, and an author.

Stephanie Bingham: Paranormal Researcher and Investigator 

Stephanie Bingham is a historian, paranormal researcher. She is a well known paranormal researcher as well as an investigator in the show. Her role in the documentary series has left her fans impressed and she is likely to be back for the upcoming season as well. 

Mike G: Paranormal Investigator and Filmmaker 

Mike G is one of the cast in the show and has his role as a paranormal investigator and also a filmmaker. Mike can use his talent and his knowledge in the show which will only help his team to make the work much easier and simpler. He could be once again seen in the upcoming season of Paranormal Caught On Camera season 6. 

Other Contributors and Guest Appearances 

  • Jason Patton 
  • Mireya Mayor 
  • Aaron Sagers 
  • Mark Moran 

Behind The Scenes: Producers and Crew Of Paranormal Caught On Camera 

Meetinghouse Productions is the production house of this horror documentary series. They have been the production house of the series ever since the beginning. Apart from this one this production house has also been a part of several notable series like Road Wars (2022), Chaos in Court (2020) and many more. 

The distributors of Paranormal Caught on Camera are Travel Channel, Fox, TLC, Tele 5. Travel Channel is responsible for distributing in the United States whereas Fox, TLC, and Tele 5 is responsible for distributing the series in Netherlands, and Germany respectively. 

Travel Channel along with Beth Braden are the creators of the show and so far has been able to catch the attention of the viewers by bringing in gripping content which has been the most  entertaining that they have done. 

The show did receive quite decent reactions from the viewers and public. Even though viewers have revealed that the show has some fake scenes in it, they have been quite entertaining for some. According to Google, this show has been liked by almost 87% of the viewers. If you have not watched the show then you may like it based on the reviews.


When is the new season of Paranormal Caught On Camera?

Paranormal Caught On Camera season 6 premiered on July 9th 2023. The show premiered on Discovery+. As of now there are no major updates about an additional season of the show because it is too early to make an assumption for that. 

Where can I watch the latest episodes of Paranormal caught on camera?

You can watch Paranormal Caught On Camera season 6 on Travel Channel via Discovery+. The latest series of the documentary show has been released. You can watch the series on the original network and can watch the trailer on YouTube as well.