Ben Chutta Amazing Race Bio 

The Amazing Race Canada 2023 has already dropped its two episodes for all the fans and critics so far. If you have watched all the episodes dropped by the officials of the show then you will surely know Ben Chutta.

Ben Chutta Amazing Race Canada

He is participating quite well in the show so far. If you have followed him on various social media platforms then you will notice he loves to travel from one place to another. He has traveled in many countries across the globe. Further in this article, we will talk about Ben Chutta. 

Ben Chutta in Amazing Race

Ben Chutta and Anwar Ahmed have become team members in the ninth season of The Amazing Race Canada. So far in Amazing Race Canada both the participant is doing very well.

In the first episode of the show, the destination was from Manitoba to Alberta where the Roadblock performer was Ben and his placement was 8 out of 9. In the second episode, the destination was from Alberta to British Columbia where his partner Anwar was the Roadblock performer and his placement was 5 out of 9. The result for its third episode is yet to be revealed. 

Fun Facts about Ben Chutta

Here are some fun facts about Ben Chutta:-

  • Over the past nine years, Ben has lived in three countries and they are Canada, Hungary, and Mexico
  • He is a sales expert 
  • He was awarded the most prestigious international award in Central Canada 
Name Ben Chutta 
ProfessionSales Expert 
Age 32
Current city Toronto 
Ben Chutta Amazing Race Canada

Biography of Ben Chutta

Ben Chutta is a former Talent Acquisition specialist and he is 32 years old. He currently lives in Toronto but, his hometown is Winnipeg. Ben is quite active on his social media accounts and keeps them updated with his daily lifestyle and the moments on The Amazing Race Canada. 

When it comes to his profession, he has accomplished so many milestones which will amaze many. He has lived in more than 20 different homes and attended 10 different schools by the time he graduated high school.

How much is the Net Worth of Ben Chutta?

Unfortunately, we do not have proper details regarding his net worth but, he has worked in multiple positions in various countries. His previous works prove that he has made quite a lot of money for himself. 

What is the Age of Ben Chutta?

Ben Chutta’s age is 32 years old.