Overview of Silverpoint Television Series

Silverpoint is an extraordinary UK-based television series. The first season of this television series aired last year successfully. The creators of his show are Lee Walters and Steven Andrew. The first season of the show has a rating of 6.9 out of 10 from IMDb and 3.0 out of 5 from Common Sense Media.

Silverpoint is a British teen sci-fi television series. This unique UK-based television series talks about a group of students who visits an adventure camp and discovers something strange in the woods.

These young kids find out some interesting artifacts in the woods. Out of curiosity, all the young students try to uncover the mystery of the camp. This also includes the four children who mysteriously disappeared twenty years ago. Moreover, the story takes interesting twists and turns throughout all the episodes of the first season.

Silverpoint Season 2- Will There be a Silverpoint Season 2?

It has been a year since the first season of Silverpoint was released. There is a piece of great news for the fans and critics of Silverpoint. Silverpoint’s official Twitter handle revealed that they will be coming back for a second season. The post gave a short video of how the first season went. This surely made the fans and audience of the show happy.

Silverpoint Season 2

Moreover, the second season of Silverpoint is confirmed by Hulu, but, we do not know if the shoot has begun. An exact date for the shooting of the second season has not been confirmed but, the showrunner, Michael Patrick King has revealed that they are not willing to delay the shoot.

Other than that, he also revealed that the upcoming season will be filled with mysteries and sci-fi adventures. So, as of now, we can just hope that the shoot for the second season starts as soon as possible and we get an estimation of when it can be released.

Silverpoint Season 2 Release Date

The plot of the first season of Silverpoint is one of the most complex and strongest stories out there. You can easily expect a great plot twist in the upcoming season of Silverpoint. Now, the release date depends on the story of the series. If the story is continued and is already scripted then we could expect an early release date for the second season.

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no confirmed official release date revealed.  As per its first season timeline, we could expect the second season early. Until then we need to keep our fingers crossed and hope that the shoot has started.

Silverpoint Season 1 Reviews

After the release of Silverpoint season 1, people changed their thoughts about the sci-fi and mystery genre. Silverpoint did give a new face or a new beginning to the sci-fi genre in the filming industry. The rating received from IMDb and Common Sense Media is already revealed above.

Other than that, more than 65% of Google users well-appreciated the show. Interestingly, people have even compared the plot twists, acting, and direction of this series to the world-famous Stranger Things. People have been revealing that Silverpoint is the next best sci-fi television series just after Stranger Things.

Some of the user reviews that are featured on IMDb are the following:-

“Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy television series for both kids and adults. Everything that is revealed in this show is just highly exciting and amazing”.

“The release of this show has closed the audience gap group and it has exceeded all our expectations. The show is just fresh, intriguing, and suspenseful”.

“Got hooked watching the first episode of Silverpoint and binged-watched them all in one night. The show is highly suspenseful and engaging”.

Silverpoint Season 2 Audition & Casting Call

As of now, there is very less information available over internet for the Silverpoint season 2 audition & Casting call.

We will keep you posted once their is some news regarding the Silverpoint season 2.