Sep 25th, 2023 was the official premiere date of the 24th season of The Voice USA. The series has once again been able to leave everyone stunned because of the talented artists who performed beautifully in the blind audition stages.

Coaches have immediately got their teams filled up and currently, the show has progressed to its battle rounds already. Fans and viewers are already witnessing the fierce battle among the contestants as each and every one of them wants to advance forward without getting themselves eliminated. The road to the finale is long and it is not going to be so easy for the contestants.

The Voice USA Upcoming Schedule 

Two episodes are released per week and the current season started back in the month of Sep 2023. Well, as of now 13 episodes have been completed already and contestants are in the Battles round.

The Blind Auditions are over and the show has progressed to its next stage which is the ‘Battles’. In these rounds the contestants are put into groups from each team and then they will be battling against each other.

The contestant who impresses the most to their respective coach will be remaining in the show and may advance as well whereas the artist who needs a little more work and effort could get eliminated. 

Previous night was the 13th episode of the 24th season and was the sixth one in the ‘Battle’ round. Soon after this the knockout rounds will be conducted. This round is set to begin on Nov 6th and as of this writing an episode from the Knockout round has been conducted already the previous night.

New episode from the Knockout round will be aired the following day which is on 7th Nov. More episodes will follow on Nov 13th and Nov 20th. 

The Voice 2023 Season 24 Elimination Tonight

The previous episode witnessed a few elimination because it was the battle round. Let us see who were the contestants that got eliminated from the show last night. 

Artist: Brailey Lenderman 

Song: Hold My Hand By Hootie & The Blowfish 

Coach Niall Horan had decided to make Brailey Lenderman and Huntley pair for the battle round because both of them are very ‘soulful pop singers’. Well, it was only one that Niall had to choose and at the end of their performance we saw that Niall wanted Brailey Lenderman to come back stronger next time and it was Huntley who advanced for the knockout round. 

Artist: Crystal Nicole 

Song: ‘The Song Remembers When’

Crystal belonged to Reba’s team and she was partnered with Caitlin. She was able to attract the attention of the crowd with her incredible singing talent but she failed to advance to the further stages. She got eliminated from the show in the Battles round. She was the second contestant to get eliminated in the previous episode. 

Artist: Alison Albrecht 

Song: It’s Too Late 

Jacquie Roar was the winner for the knockout round that took place in the previous episode itself. But, on the other hand witnessed talented artist Alison Albrecht getting eliminated. It was artist Tom Nitti who was on the edge of getting eliminated but got saved by none other than coach Reba. Therefore, he is going to get a second chance. All in all every artist got the praises from the coaches but Alison couldn’t be saved which ultimately led to the elimination. 

Artist: Caleb Sasser 

Song: Jealous 

Caleb Sasser sang the song, ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas which felt like a beautiful cover of the song that was chosen by John Legend. The artist that won this round was Kaylee Shimizu with the song, ‘Ain’t No Way’. artist Mara Justine was stolen by coaches Gwen and Niall who had advanced for the playoff round. But, on the other hand, it was the end of the journey for Caleb who did amazing but it was not enough it seems. 

The Voice Knockouts

The previous episode of The Voice saw a glimpse of the knockouts as well. There was a bit of battle round left which took place in the previous episode and along with that there was a bit of knockout as well where fans and viewers saw elimination as well.

Contestants who appeared or participated in the knockout round participated very well but contestants who could not impress the judges got eliminated. Well, it is not that they are not good but they need to come back stronger next time. 

Wynonna Judd is going to serve as the mega mentor in the knockout round. In this round the coaches will be once again grouping three artists for a single match. It is the artists who will be the song of their choice and then the coach will be selecting only one who will be advancing to the live playoffs. However, throughout the round one coach can steal one losing artist. 

News and Updates – The Voice Elimination Tonight 

The Voice is in its knockout stages already and yes there are going to be eliminations from now on. But, three contestants, only two will survive and one will be eliminated without getting a second chance. Contestants would have to battle it out among each other and it is not going to be so easy. 

Who Got Eliminated Today From The Voice?

The eliminated contestants are as follows: 

  • Artist: Brailey Lenderman 
  • Artist: Crystal Nicole 
  • Artist: Alison Albrecht 
  • Artist: Caleb Sasser