The Real Housewives of Miami makes their comeback with their sixth season. The premiere for the season happened on Nov 1st, 2023 and just like the previous seasons there will be new faces seen as cast members in the show. Similarly, one among them is famous television personality, Lisa Hochstein. She is known for being a fashionista, fitness guru and freak, activist, model, beauty expert, and as well as a mother. She has made her entry in this season of The Real Housewives of Miami and viewers would want to know more about her. 

Overview of Lisa Hochstein’s Background and Fame 

Lisa is a well-known name in the western part of the globe. She is a Canadian television personality who is expert in many fields as already mentioned earlier. She was born on 24th July, 1982 and is currently 42 years old. She was married to Leonard Hochstein back in the year 2009 and they both share two kids and both of them were welcomed to their family through surrogacy. She may have become famous by making her appearance in the show but she is now known for her messy divorce from her husband Lenny Hochstein. 

Roles In The Real Housewives Of Miami

Lisa is going to be one of the cast in RHOM season 6 but before that there was a two minute video that had shown to the fans that Lisa interrogated one of the executive producers of the show. So, this season will mostly focus on the personal and as well as the professional lives of the cast members including Lisa. These women are women who live in Miami, Florida and the season will showcase how each of them balance their professional and as well as personal lives. 

Boyfriend and Divorce 

Lisa Hochstein was married from 2009 till last year 2022. His husband Lenny Hochstein is a plastic surgeon and they both had decided to get separated last year in May 2022. The television personality is a mother of two children through surrogacy and we do not know who will have the custody of the kids but it is clear that it was a difficult time for the two of them. However, Lisa did move on and got attracted to her new lover, Jody Glidden. Both of  them had confirmed their relationship status during an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this year. 

Lisa Hochstein’s Earning Sources 

Lisa Hochstein is a multi-working professional woman who is a model, beauty expert, fitness guru, fashionista. Therefore, it can be expected that she has got multiple sources of income. She is a former Playboy model and therefore we can imagine what her salary would be during her modeling career. She has got a whooping net worth of around $50 million to $90 million. 


Lisa is currently in a relationship with Jody Gidden. The duo had confirmed their relationship earlier this year. It was only a couple of months that Lisa had been divorced with her husband Lenny; she moved on from that. Jody Gidden is the co-founder and the CEO of Introhive. It is an AI-powered SaaS platform that helps companies improve their sales. 

Net Worth 

As it was revealed earlier that Lisa has got multiple sources of income because she works in multiple professions. However, her net worth is huge and is expected to be close to around $50 million. She has remained a Playboy model and is currently into many activities as well.