Big Brother USA is currently running its 25th season. Like always this season is going to be as exciting as ever with new cast members in it.

The previous season of the reality show had ended on Sep 2022 where we saw contestants like Joseph Abdin who is now making the news about his break up with his girlfriend. Here, in this article let us know more about him.

Who Is Big Brother’s Joseph Abdin?

Joseph Ammar Abdin was a houseguest in the previous season of the reality show, Big Brother USA 2022. Born on July 23rd, 1997 Abdin is 26 years old and was seen as one of the contestants in Big Brother as a jury member and was placed in 9th position.

He is a lawyer hailing from Lake Worth, FL. in addition, he is a fitness lover as well as a gym freak. His social media posts (Instagram) has got more than 150 posts and his account has got close to 125K followers. 

The Journey Of Joseph Abdin In Big Brother 

Joseph was a last minute replacement player in the house and the 26 year old was known for being close friends with Taylor Hale and of course for his social game as well.

Abdin had started off the season very steadily which gave him an added advantage at the initial stages to gain foot at the game. He played a major role in forming the alliance named, The Leftovers as his contributions were significant there. 

He just wanted to provide the best information to his people which is why he often played the role of a double agent in order to gain crucial information from the other side of the house so that it could benefit his alliance.

But, later in the show Joseph was separated from his teammates as a lot of drama was going on. He ended up getting evicted from the show. 

Joseph Abdin Bio, Wiki 

Joseph was born in July 1997 and is currently 26 years old. He is professionally a lawyer and a fitness freak who loves to lead that healthy lifestyle. He comes from Lake Worth, LA and was seen in the 24th season of Big Brother USA.

It is likely that this was the first television appearance he has ever made in his life. But, even though he tried his best to remain in the show he ultimately got eliminated / evicted. 

Joseph Abdin’s Earning Sources 

Joseph is professionally a lawyer as he had revealed that while he was selected as one of the cast in Big Brother. Joseph has not mentioned any other additional sources of income apart from this.

It is likely that he likes his work and wants to do that as his primary profession. There are not many details revealed by him about any family business or anything like that. 

Appearances On Other Shows 

Joseph has not made any other notable appearances yet but there are talks that he could be appearing in other television shows. Joseph says that he is very much interested in acting more in the future. He seems to be interested in this line of work.

So, therefore, fans and followers could have the opportunity to see more of him in the near future because he has shown his interest.