Atsushi Ono in Canada’s Got Talent 

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 has really impressed the viewers with surprising acts and performances from the contestants. Every Canada’s Got Talent contestant who has performed in the latest season were brilliant and gained the attention of the viewers from all across the globe. Now, with the season almost at its final stages is only making every performance a nail-biting experience for the judges and as well as the audience.

Atsushi Ono on Canada's Got Talent Stage

One of the performers in Canada’s Got Talent was Atsushi Ono who had performed his magic performance in the previous episode. It was obvious that he could impress the judges once again and would increase the possibility of advancing to the final stages of the show. Fans of Atsushi Ono are very much proud about the fact that he was able to deliver an impeccable performance last night. 

Atsushi Ono Wiki

NameAtsushi Ono
ProfessionMagician entertainer 
Origin Japan, Kyoto
Currently Living inCanada, Calgary AB
Status in Canada’s Got Talent Advanced to Finale 
Atsushi Ono Biography

Atsushi Ono Age

Born in 1979 in Kyoto Japan, Atsushi is 44 years old. He moved to Canada when he was young where he practised magic performance and also learnt English as well. 

Net Worth of Atsushi Ono

Atsushi’s net worth is under review. He has performed in many places in Japan and as well as in Canada. Now, with his advancement to the finale in the show it seems quite strong that he could become the ultimate winner where he will be winning a grand prize of $150,000. During his magic career he has performed in some of the reputed magic shows where he has earned different spots. 

About the Audition Performance of Atsushi Ono in Canada’s Got Talent 2023

Atsushi Ono auditioned for the latest season of Canada’s Got Talent and even took to his social media where he had posted an update about it for his fans and followers. Judge Howie said that in his audition performance Ono was super nervous and Ono himself also revealed the same thing in a short video that was displayed to the audience during his performance previous night. He said that it was a ‘big deal’ for him as it was one of the greatest achievements for him in his career.

Atsushi introduced himself as a magic performer during his audition where judge Lily Singh was asking him about his basic introduction questions. He started his magic performance with a coin which immediately began an interesting act as Ono was sharing it with a story along with his relaxed charm and great sense of humor. 

Within two minutes his amazing performance came to an end and he also received a standing ovation as well from the judges and as well as from the audience as well. It was judge Lily Singh who gave him the first ‘Yes’ followed by three other ‘Yes’ from the remaining judges. Tears of joy rolled down Atsushi Ono’s eyes at the end. 

Last Performance & Ticket To Finale 

Atsushi Ono’s last night’s performance was almost similar to his audition performance with the same ‘Memory’ story along with his great sense of humor. Judges sensed that this time he came back with much more confidence in him and delivered a great performance in front of them and as well as the crowd.

In his last performance he performed his magic with cards but it was not a regular type of magic where the judges or anyone from the crowd would pick one from the deck and the magician would guess which one they have picked. 

Ono really brought out the best performance in his last performance and even received a standing ovation from the judges and as well as from the audience. He once again impressed everyone and moved on to the further stages of the show which means he has made to the finale of the third season of Canada’s Got Talent. 

Will Atsushi Ono Become CGT Winner?

Ono seems super confident as he has advanced to the finale stage of the talent show. However, when it comes to guessing who could be the next winner of Canada’s Got Talent then it would become a tough decision. Ono is one of the best but other performers are making things difficult for the audience and as well as the judges who would become the ultimate winner.

Ono has got a good chance of winning as he has been able to catch the attention of the audience every time he delivers his outstanding performance. 

Performance On Other Platforms 

  • In 2008 Ono moved to Canada and began creating a series of original acts.
  • In the year 2009, the act that he had created earned him 2nd place and the People’s Choice Award at the Society of American Magicians (SAM) in NY and People’s Choice Award at the convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM – it is the world’s largest magical arts organization)
  • In the year 2010, Ono was invited to perform at the most renowned FFFF convention (Fecher’s Finger Flicking Frolic) which is the most prestigious gathering close-up magicians in the world. 
  • Currently he resides in Canada, the US and in Japan where he is performing different acts.