Who is Colin Stough (American Idol) ?

American Idol 2023 is finally coming towards its final stages and it is now only a matter of few days before the ultimate winner is announced. Singing talents performing in the latest season are getting rejected and some are advancing for the further stages of the show.

Colin Stough Wikipedia Photo Holding Guitar in Hand

Similarly, one of the most impressive contestants that proved his presence in the talent singing show is Colin Stough. Colin Stough made his appearance in the last episode of the singing show and once again impressing the judges and as well as the fans he has now moved to the Top 8 position. 

Colin Stough’s Performance In Last Episode At American Idol

In the last episode of American Idol Colin Stough performed ‘It’s Been Awhile’ by Staind in front of the audience and the judges. Colin dressed up looking like a countryman wearing a hat, boots, black trouser, with a white coloured t-shirt and a pink colored jacket on top.

However, Colin seemed to be confident enough while performing the song and at the end of it he received a loud round of applause from the judges and as well as the audience. 

American Idol Audition of Colin Stough

Colin Stough auditioned for the American Idol 2023 couple of months ago by singing the song ‘Simple Man’ in front of the judges which made them impressed by the talent of the youngster. As soon as the American idol audition were over judges decided to onboard him for the singing competition show and Colin was very much happy about it because it was a dream come true moment for him. He celebrated the success with his mother who has always been a great support to him. 

Audition Performance of Colin Stough at American Idol 2023

Colin Stough performed in the Showstopper as well where he performed ‘Cold’ by Chris Stapleton and once again it was a performance that the audience will never forget. The magical voice of Colin once again impressed the judges and he moved to the Top 26 position soon after that.

In the Top 26 stages of the show, Colin performed ‘Midnight Train To Memphis’ by The SteelDrivers. During this performance Colin was with his guitar and sang the song in front of the audience which was quite the experience they had. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Brian, and Lionel Ritchie seemed impressed with Colin’s performance once again and was even cheering for him during his performance. 

Colin had made into the Top 20 position with the song ‘Pretty Heart’ by Parker McCollum. And at the Top 20 results Colin sang ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Robyn. Soon after that he advanced towards the further stages of the show where he sang ‘Midnight Rider’ by The Allman Brothers Band at the Top 12 which once again earned him a position in the Top 10.

At the Top 10 Colin sang ‘Its Been Awhile’ by Staind which once again was another impressive performance by the youngster that made him move to the Top 8 position of the show. He will once again be appearing in the further episodes and only time will reveal who would become the ultimate winner.

How old is Colin Stough?

As of now, Colin Stough is 17 years old, the young student is currently finishing up his studies at Hately High School. His exceptional singing talent has earned a reputation as a sensation and a beloved figure among the whole American Idol Fans. By participating in American Idol, Colin Stough is embarking on what promises to be a long and exciting journey in their budding music career.

How much Net Worth Colin Stough has?

While Colin Stough’s net worth is currently unknown, his participation in this prestigious competition offers the possibility of great financial rewards and long-term success. With hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck, Colin may become a household name and a major force in the music industry.