The Bold and the Beautiful: The Bold and the Beautiful is America’s one of the oldest television soap opera shows. This show was created by William J. Belt and Lee Phillip Bell only for CBS. The first season of this soap opera premiered way back on March 23, 1987, and has aired 36 successful seasons so far. 

The preparation for soap operas is quite different. It is not like preparing for normal singing shows. If you want to get into soap operas then there are lots of things that you need to take care of. Here are some things that you must prepare yourself:-

  • Must be great with facial expressions
  • Polish your personality
  • Confidence 
  • Be yourself 

Other than this, when it comes to audition attire, contestants must wear whatever they are comfortable in. If you are going for an audition at The Bold and The Beautiful then we would highly recommend you wear comfortable clothes which reflect your personality. Make sure you speak clearly to the judges who are present before you. Give a proper introduction of yourself and highlight the points that portray your nature. Doing this will have a great impact on the judges of the show. 

After you are done with the audition, the best way to follow up is by sending an appreciative note to the judges. You can simply send a thank-you note and might hear something positive in return. 

The Bold and The Beautiful Audition Tips from Casting Directors 

Here are the simple tips from casting directors of The Bold and The Beautiful for auditions:-

  • Choose a character that you are passionate about- If you are willing to become a professional voice artist or actor or if these are your future then passion is very critical. You need to choose a character during the auditions that perfectly portray your personality and you become highly confident about it. Choosing the right character will immediately boost your confidence before the judges and you will automatically perform your best. 
  • Be Yourself and don’t try to be someone you are not- This is something every judge in any type of audition expects from the one who has come to audition. If you are planning to give an audition at The Bold and The Beautiful then, go there with full confidence and always be yourself. When you try to copy other character or their interest you tend to lose confidence and as a result, you fail in your performance. If you want to succeed in a soap opera audition then always be yourself and do not try to be someone you are not. 
  • Practice your lines until you can say them in your sleep- Practising must always be your top priority and that is what will make you perfect during your auditions. Casting directors appreciate contestants who know their lines by heart. The same must be followed by all the candidates who are willing to give their auditions in The Bold and The Beautiful. 
  • Dress appropriately for the role you are auditioning for- If you are playing a character, you must always dress accordingly and appropriately to portray your character and confidence. If you have a passion for that character you will automatically do well in your auditions. Wear clothes that will help you feel the role. 
  • Arrive early and be a professional- Arriving on time shows great character. It is a good practice to show up early to an audition. But, this does not mean too early. Ensure you arrive 10-15 minutes before your auditions and get ready with your character or roles. It shows great professionalism to others and creates a good image of you in others’ minds. 

The Bold and The Beautiful Audition Process: Everything You Need to Know

Here is how one can apply for The Bold and The Beautiful auditions:-

  • CBS opens up the casting or audition process on their official website 
  • Make sure to visit the official website and contact the officials for the auditions of The Bold and the Beautiful 
  • You will be sent an application form where you need to fill out everything along with an audition tape 
  • Make sure to recheck the audition application form and then submit it 

When you for for an in-person audition at The Bold and the Beautiful, you only need to perform your best. You need to be yourself and be confident as if you are selected then you will get to travel to Hollywood and appear in an episode of The Bold and The Beautiful. Now, the best way to follow up after your audition is completed is by always keeping in touch with the casting officials of the show. Always ask them about your status so that you know if you are selected or not.