Surface TV Show: A psychological thriller genre series is arguably one of the most entertaining genres that you will ever come across. Similarly, Surface is one of those psychological thriller series that has kept every viewer surprised and entertained at the same time. The series was able to secure an above average rating from the critics like IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes has rated only 42% fresh which could have been higher. 

What Is A Surface TV Show?

Surface is a 2022 released psychological thriller genre series. The very first episode of the series was aired last year on 29th July, 2022 in the USA. Jim O’Grady is the executive producer of the show. The story of Surface revolves around the character named Sophia.

Sophia has suffered a serious injury to her head and is suffering from serious memory loss issues. She just wants to get her life back together but things just do not go as smoothly as she may think. 

When Is The Release Date Of Surface Season 2?

Official network of the series, Apple TV has renewed the series for yet another season. The second season is expected to continue the thrilling story of Sophie. The first season was set in the city of San Francisco while the second season will be taking place in London. All the original casts and characters are expected to be back playing and reprising their respective roles in the upcoming season.

The second season will see Sophie and James’ long kept secret. Fans and viewers will be happy to know that the expected release date for Surface season 2 is around July/Aug 2024. 

Surface Season 2 Cast

Ari Graynor as Caroline 

Ariel Geltman Graynor is an American actress. The 40-year old is known for her exceptional roles in television series like I’m Dying Up Here, The Sopranos, and many more. She is expected to be playing the role of Caroline in Surface season 2. 

Francois Arnaud as Harrison 

Francois Arnaud is a Canadian actor who is expected to play the role of character Harrison in the television series, Surface season 2. The 38*The Canadian actor is best known for his roles as Cesare Borgia on The Borgias. 

Millie Brady as Eliza 

Camilla Eve Brady also known as Millie Brady is an English actress and a model. She is expected to return as Eliza in the second season of Surface. The 29-year old actress is known for her role as Aethelflaed in Netflix drama series, The Last Kingdom. 

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Sophie 

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is a British actress who is also the lead actress in Surface television series playing the character of Sophie. The 40-year old actress is known for her outstanding performances on stage and as well as on screen. She is expected to be back in the second season of Surface as Sophie. 

Surface Season 2 Trailer 

As of now, there is no official trailer for Surface season 2. However, there are videos on the internet explaining the possible plot and storyline for the second season. The second season will be having a lot of drama in it as it is being expected as how the first season left off.

A piece of good news for the fans is that the filming for the second season has started and sooner or later fans will be seeing the official trailer for the second season on YouTube platform. The trailer for the first season is on YouTube published by Apple TV and received 2.7 million views. 

Where Can I Watch Surface Season 2?

Surface season 2 is expected to have an August 2024 release date. Viewers will be able to watch Surface season 2 on Apple TV Plus. Since Apple Studios is the production company responsible for producing the series then we expect the series to get an Apple TV Plus OTT release.

Surface Season 2 Filming

It was last year in Dec 2022, when the psychological thriller series was renewed for its second season. The production for the first season took place in the city of San Francisco while the second season is all set to be filmed in London.

The filming for the second season was expected to start soon and fans could see the trailer for the second season soon enough. With a speculated release date of Aug 2024, there seems to be a lot of time for the arrival of the second season. 

Surface Season 2 IMDb

Surface is a 2022 released psychological thriller series that received a rating of 6.3/10 according to IMDb. Veronica West is the creator of the show who is known for her works in High Fidelity (2020), Surface (2022) and Ugly Betty (2006). Surface season 2, according to the reviews and ratings received from viewers and critics is a series that will give its viewers thrilling entertainment.

In case you haven’t watched the series yet then you can binge-watch the 8-episode first season. Fans and viewers would have to keep some patience because the second season will not be arriving anytime soon.

How to watch Surface Season 2?

Surface season 2 is available on Apple TV+