Survivor Australia Auditions & Casting Call for 2024: Australian Survivor gives a different competitive vibe when we watch. For the past decade, the fans and viewers of the show have shown a tremendous amount of appreciation for the show. So, we will surely not be surprised if Australian Survivor makes another comeback for all the viewers and fans. 

The tenth season of Australian Survivor was quite a hell of a ride. We saw amazing contestants participating in the show and facing challenges thrown at them. For the upcoming version of Australian Survivor Casting we expect nothing but, lots of adventures and rollercoaster rides.

Further in this article, we will talk about Australian Survivor 2024, the application process, the audition process, and audition tips.

Who Can Apply for Australian Survivor Casting 2024?

Before you apply for Survivor Australia, there are quite a lot of things that you just need to go through. You need to ensure all the eligibility criteria are met, follow all the rules, read all the regulations, and many more.

Here we will talk about how one can apply for Australian Survivor auditions smoothly. Here are the rules that one must follow to be an Australian Survivor Casting Call:-

  • There must be no bullying, racism, harassment, or sexism. Every contestant must show respect to all contestants, hosts, producers, observers, and producers of the show
  • There must be no usage of drugs or promotion of it while the contestants are on the show. 
  • All the discussions, gameplay, and agreements must be within the realm of the game or within the FaceBook community. 
  • Contestants are not allowed to discuss any decisions on external platforms until permission is granted
  • All the directions and rules from the hosts and producers must be followed very strictly
  • Producers of the show will set up the tribe chats and they have the right to change the title of your chat and you must agree to that

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Australian Survivor Casting Call 2024

Here are the eligibility criteria to be on Australian Survivor 2024:-

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years old and not below that 
  • Applicants must have proper Australian residential proof 
  • Contestants must be available for 10 weeks of filming 
  • Having a strong mind, body, and passion for the games is a must if you are willing to participate in the show

What is the Casting Process for Australian Survivor? 

After the applications are assessed and candidates are shortlisted they need to go through an audition process. This is the most important step if you are willing to be on the show. Now, it is time for the casting officials to take part and select the right candidate for the show. 

The casting team then comes in and whittles the applicants down to a few hundred who are invited to come for in-person auditions. Now, in the audition stage, the shortlisted candidates go through multiple stages. The last stage in the audition stage is meeting up with the producers of the show and answering their questions. 

If producers of the show love your performance, then all the applicants will be strictly assessed if they are physically and psychologically suitable to play the games that will be given in the show. So if you are into drugs it’s a big NO for you. 

Step-by-Step Application Process for Survivor Australia Casting & Auditions

Whenever you are applying for such reputable shows, make sure you do not go through any third-party websites. It will not only waste your time but, you may be asked to pay any amount from them. Here is the step-by-step application process that one must follow to be on Survivor Australia:-

  • 10Play is the official website for the application page of the show. If you do not get this page then, simply search for “Survivor Australia Apply” on your browser and open the first webpage 
  • After opening the official webpage of the show, make sure you read everything carefully on the page and just below you will find an “Apply Now” option
  • The “Apply Now” option will be bolded in black so it is easier for all the applicants to notice
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button and it will lead you to a different page where you need to submit all your important information. Some of the basic questions that will be asked are name, place, date of birth, address, profession, and many more
  • Make sure you answer all of them along with a short introductory video and recheck them before you click on the “submit” button. 

Audition Tips for Survivor Australia

Here are some tips that you can grab the attention of the casting team of Survivor Australia:-

  • Be active- Survivor is all about challenges and games. You need to be very active in personality and work while you are giving your auditions.
  • Open with the best part of yourself- Give the casting team of the show what you are capable of on the first chance so that they get attracted to you.
  • Cite real-life examples- Whenever you are asked a question based on your life make sure you give a piece of real-life advice if you have.

Sample Audition Videos for Australian Survivor

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3