After watching the recent episode of The Voice Australia, people have been a fan of Bella Mackenzie giving her blind audition with other voice au contestants of 2023. Most of the contestants who have performed to date are receiving tons of positive comments and appreciation not only from the superstar coaches but, from all across the country.

NameBella Mackenzie
Age18 years old
OriginQueensland, Australia
Music GenreCountry
Introduction to SingingStarted singing at the age of 12
Notable AppearanceContestant on The Voice Australia, Season 12
Blind Audition Song“Anti-Hero” by Taylor Smith
AttireWore a casual dress with a cowboy hat and brought her guitar for her blind audition
Coaches’ ReactionsAll four superstar coaches (Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian, Jason Derulo, Rita Ora) turned their chairs
Team JoinedGuy Sebastian
Bella Mackenzie Bio

Bella Mackenzie Age, Hometown & Family

These young talents are being recognized so rapidly only because of their true and amazing singing talent. Similarly, we have one of the brilliants of The Voice Australia’s recent performer, Bella Mackenzie. 

Fans and viewers from all across the country are desperate to know about Bella Mackenzie. She is an 18-year-old singer from Queensland.

One thing that all the viewers and fans should know about her is that she always had a love for country music. She started singing when she was just 12 years old and today she is one of the amazing contestants on The Voice Australia season 12.

Bella Mackenzie Blind Audition -Able to turn all 4 chairs

As mentioned earlier, Bella loves country music. Ever since she was a small child she had generated a passion for it and she wants it to spread more across the world. In her blind auditions, she was seen wearing a casual dress with a cowboy hat on top. Bella did come with her guitar to sing her audition song. She chose to sing “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Smith. 

Her voice and rhythm were just amazing which caught the attraction of Jessica very soon. Within 17 seconds of her blind auditions, it was Jessica Mauboy who turned her chair first.

Immediately, she was having a great time looking at Bella sing. After Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian turned his chair saying “Yeah.” He was followed by the famous Jason Derulo and very immediately, Rita Ora did the same. 

All the superstar coaches were just amazed hearing her voice. She was doing everything just perfectly. In the end, of her song, she did receive a huge round of applause from the whole auditorium. 

Guy Sebastian has a new favorite “Bella Mackenzie”

The remarks from all the superstar coaches had to be great as all of them turned their chairs. After giving her a short introduction, the first thing Guy said was: “I think I have a new favorite.” Guy further added, “It’s a no-brainer there was so much feeling the way you were singing, so much musicality, and the things you were doing were great.”

When Bella was asked what do you want from The Voice. She replied, “I want country music to put on the map because I love country music.” 

Jessica Mauboy said, “You are literally singing my music.” Jessica also said that she was putting both pop and country music together which she understood and it was great for Bella to do. On the other hand, Jason said “You bought the best of both Taylor worlds and put them together which I thought was brilliant.”

In the end, Rita Ora said “You are the full package and I think you can become a huge superstar.” When it came time for choosing her coach, she chose Guy Sebastian. 

Bella Mackenzie Bio, Net Worth, Wiki

Bella Mackenzie is a talented teen singer who resides in Queensland, Australia. She came to fame when she gave her amazing blind auditions on The Voice Australia season 12. 

Ever since she was 12 years old she had been singing in the local area. That has helped her quite a lot in her singing career. When it comes to family she is a proud daughter to her mother and father. 

She is a bright young teenager who knows how to grab opportunities. If she becomes the winner of this season of The Voice then she will receive an enormous reward. Moreover, we cannot give you the total net worth of Bella Mackenzie.

Social Media Profiles of Bella Mackenzie

Instagram: bellamackenzieofficial

Facebook: Bella Mackenzie

Tik Tok : bella

Official Website: Bella M

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