The Voice Battles Episode 1

On 17th October 2023, The Voice’s fans and viewers witnessed the very first battle. Yes, now the blind auditions were over and it was time to take the show ahead. The very first battles in the show proved that the contestants who are still left in the show can give good competition to each other. 

From all four teams two participants would come to the stage and compete against each other. They have to give their best to survive in the show and the individual who will not be able to deliver properly will be eliminated. Further in this article, we will talk about what happened in the first battle of The Voice season 24.

How Ephraim and Jackson Eliminated Tonight? 

It was Deejay Young and Ephraim Young who came to participate against each other from Team Legend.

We could see both of them performing on the selected song by John Legend “Cry Me a River” by Justine Timberlake. 

Ephraim along with his competitive partner gave an amazing stage performance. Reba McEntire, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, and John Legend himself was very happy with the performance he gave.

But, that did not stay for much longer as John Legend chose Deejay as his winner for the first battle and Ephraim lost the battle. 

Jackson Snelling and Jordan Rainer had to compete against each other on the song “The Heart Won’t Lie”. They were participating from Team Reba.

Both gave an energetic performance but, Reba McEntire had to follow the rules of the game. Unfortunately, Jackson Snelling was declared the loser of this battle. There was something that Reba did not feel right from Jackson Snelling. 

Performances of Deejay Young

Deejay Young came from Team John and his competitive partner was Ephraim Owens. We could see both of them inside the boxing ring and participating the song that was given to them.

They had to give a duel where the judges would see how they performed.

Deejay Young performing in Battles round with Ephraim Owens

It was Deejay Young who started the song and he surely gave a very energetic performance. We could see both the singers dancing and singing together. Deejay was looking very confident and the song surely matched his vibe. 

He was moving all along the stage and was feeling every lyrics of the song. He even made all the superstar coaches vibe to the song he was singing. They were highly satisfied with the performance he gave. All the judges stood up and gave a standing ovation to both Deejay Young and Ephraim Owens. 

Jordain Rainer

Jordain Rainer came from Team Reba and the competitive partner was Jackson Snelling. The song she was given was “The Heart Won’t Lie” and she was the one who started with the song. Additionally, we saw her coming with a guitar to the stage wearing a black hat and looked absolutely stunning on the show. 

Being a female, she surely got the advantage of the vocals and the voice. She took her highs and lows just perfectly and that was what Reba McEntire was expecting from her. Unfortunately, she had to choose only one winner at the end and that was Jordan Rainer. 

Lennon VanderDoes

Lennon VanderDoes came along with Tanner Massey on the stage to battle. They came from Team NIall and the song that they sang was “She’s Always a Woman”. It was a very slow and groovy song that was given to them. We must agree that both the young competitors started with a mind-blowing and energetic performance. 

The duet performance looked very authentic and original. Just like the first battles they also received a standing ovation at the end of their song. Tanner Massey did get some appreciation but, that did not do very well to make him the winner of this battle. Lennon outperformed him and he was the clear winner of this battle. 

Tanner Massey (Steal)

Tanner Massey came with Lennon VanderDoes and gave a solid performance alongside him. His voice just took another level when he started his performance. On the other side, his competitor surely gave an amazing performance. 

All the coaches were very happy and satisfied with the performance he gave. Niall revealed that he is attracted to deep tones and that is what he got from him. Now, as the winner was decided Tanner was available to steal John and Gwen immediately pressed their buttons. He chooses Gwen as his superstar coach.