Who Is Lila Forde (The Voice Contestant)? 

The Voice (American) franchise has come a long way. The show has successfully completed 23 amazing seasons and currently, it is airing on 24. This season is turning out to be one of the best seasons in the history of the singing competition show.

The only primary reason for such is because of the amazing singers that are coming to the show and performing their blind auditions. Similarly, one of the participants who recently performed and was amazing was Lile Forde. 

She is one of the top contestants who participated in the blind auditions of The Voice. Lila is surely a highly talented singer and showed some of her talent in the blind auditions last night.

Further in this article, we will talk about Lila Forde’s musical journey, concerts and shows performed by her, her birthplace, The Voice audition performance, and many more.

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Lila Forde The Voice Bio

Full NameLila Forde
Age24 years old
Musical StyleFusion of jazz, folk, and singer-songwriter
Debut Single“I’ll Be Seeing You” (May 2020)
First Album“In Another Life” – A collection of beautiful songs
Concerts and Shows– European tour in 2022
– Special guest for Rachel Mazer’s shows
– Contestant on The Voice Season 24
HometownOriginally from the Pacific Northwest; relocated to Los Angeles for her music career
Love LifeDating drummer and musician Niko Embry
Singles and AlbumsNotable single: “Come Loose”<br>Working on the album “All I Expected”
The Voice AuditionImpressed judges with her performance of “Can’t Find My Way Home”
Net Worth EstimateReports suggest annual earnings between $51,414 to $70,089 for new singers in Los Angeles
Lila Forde The Voice Bio

Lila Forde- The Musical Journey & Kickstart With “In ANother Life”

Lila is just 24 years old and by this age, she has achieved so many when it comes to her musical career. At a very young age, she found what she was passionate about and what career she wanted to pursue further in her life.

Whatever achievements she has received so far tell how hardworking and dedicated she is towards her passion or her career. She is an inspired fusion of jazz, folk, and singer-songwriter. 

According to her website, she sang a cover song of “I’ll Be Seeing You” back in May 2020. It was her first single cover song which was uploaded on her official YouTube channel and has 316 views so far.

She is seen participating with other musicians who are playing different instruments. Moreover, she posted a few cover songs during the COVID-19 period. 

Interestingly, her first album was “In Another Life” which consisted of a series of beautiful songs. She took help from different sources to help raise the funds to create her first album record. Lila worked very hard showed great passion and was successful in what she was trying to do. 

Concerts and Shows of Lila Forde

Lila Forde started her musical journey from the most basics which was starting from her home. She has done lots of cover songs and released her albums and singles on various platforms. Slowly after completing her basics, she has now started to perform at various concerts and shows. 

According to her official website, she has done a European tour back in 2022. We saw Lila joining acclaimed musical artist Rachel Mazer as her special guest on her European tour. Some of her special and highly famous shows and concerts are the following:-

  • Lila Forde, Live at the Mint 
  • Lila Forde at Melrose Trading Post 
  • The Voice Season 24 

These are some of her biggest achievements that she is most proud of. Achieving such huge accolades at a very young age is surely something to be proud of. We are sure she will have more concerts and shows coming up in the future after she is finished with The Voice season 24. 

Where She Is From? – Hometown & Native Place

Lila Forde is originally from the Pacific Northwest. She was born in that place but, when she knew that she was passionate about music and wanted to make that as her career she along with her parents chose to move to a different place. 

She immediately moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue her full-time career in music. This is where her life changed and she started gaining good experience in the field and brushed her skills more. 

Love Life and Affairs of Lila Forde

Lila is quite passionate about what she does and that is one of the reasons why she chooses people who are in that field or share common interests. Her mother was also a singer who had a lot of experience in the field. Similarly, when it comes to her love life, she has a boyfriend Niko Embry who is a drummer and a musician.

Yes, both the couple look amazing when they are together. We are sure both of them have done lots of music together and are growing strongly in the musical industry. 

Singles and Albums of Lila Forde

Lila has done a lot of singles and covers which are available on her different social media platforms. “Come Loose” is one of the most famous singles ever released by Lila Forde. 

Her “In Another Life” album has already been released and currently, she is working on another one. The recent album that she is working on is “All I Expected”. It also contains a series of songs which will give good vibes. 

Beloved The Voice Audition Performance 

When you have experience in the field you expect all chair-turns from the superstar judges. In the last episode of The Voice, we saw Lila performing “Can’t Find My Way Home” along with her piano on the stage. Within ten seconds of her blind auditions, it was Gwen who turned her chair and she was followed by John Legend. 

We must say, her opening lines just caught the attraction of these two superstar coaches. Very soon Reba and Niall was bound to turn their chair for her beautiful performance. She was just amazing in her blind auditions.

Lila Forde Blind Audition on the Voice

Net Worth of Lila Forde 

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a net worth figure for this rising star singer but, she surely makes her parents proud by earning something for herself.

According to some reports, the salary per annum of a new singer in Los Angeles typically falls between $51,414 to $70,089. Other than this, if she happens to win the title then she will get good prize money from the officials.