Canada’s Got Talent Semifinals

The latest season of Canada’s Got Talent is witnessing some of the best performances from CGT contestants coming from different parts of the country. Judges and as well as the audiences are very much enjoying every performance that is being put up by the participants of the show.

Contestants who had advanced to the further stages of the show had to perform last night and given below are the details of what happened on Canada’s Got Talent’s last episode. 

Autistic Musicians ASD Band Hit All The Right Notes For The Judges 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) came into the show last night to perform a liver performance in front of the judges and as well as in front of the live audience. The four members of the ASD team confidently performed. Within a minute of their performance Judge Lily Singh stood up and was giving them a standing ovation already.

She seemed quite impressed. However, they also got a standing ovation from the crowd as well. Finally, the ASD band received a ‘Yes’ from every judge. 

Joze Piranian’s Comic Performance Was A Comedic Ride For All

Joze brilliantly used his breathing technique to control his stutter. Even though he was speaking normally through the mic the audience and as well as the judges kept laughing as if he was doing it on purpose. He revealed that he speaks six languages and yes he stutters in all of them. He wishes to perform internationally where he wants to test the patience level of the audiences. 

Judges Gets Blown Away By The Skills Of Toria Summerville aka Flexy-T

Contortionist Felxy-T performed last night in the Canada’s Got Talent show. Her flexible body was something that really impressed the viewers and as well as the judges. She reveals that she has a connective tissue disease which makes her very hypermobile.

The judges were more impressed looking at her willpower when they understood that she turned her disease into her talent. 

The Cast Dance Crew Makes The Best Impression In The Show Last Night 

The Cast is a Canadian dance group who has performed last night in the Canada’s Got Talent show. The team dressed up as old age people because they thought that it would be a great idea as they wanted to feel how it felt that one day when they would be all aged and still dance with their hearts out.

The hip-hop dance group gave an impressive performance and at the end, they all received a standing ovation and also earned a collective Golden Buzzer from the judges. 

Canada’s Got Talent Last Night Elimination

  • Young Mommy (Singing)
  • T.ACOS X T.EENAGERS (Dance Group)
  • Marquis (Dance Group)
  • Dean Gunnarson (Escape Act)
  • Xpectaculo (Dancing Duo)

Canada’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists 

  1. Alexandra Cote 
  2. Beatrice Love 
  3. Paola Troilo
  4. Raymond Salgado 
  5. Maya Gamzu
  6. Genevieve Cote 
  7. The Turnbull Brothers 
  8. Katherine Lynn Rose 
  9. Anica 
  10. Conversion (Dance Group)
  11. Meave 
  12. Mr. Cuddles The Evil Octopus 
  13. The Cast
  14. Cool Giraffes 
  15. Curran Dobbs 
  16. Atsushi Ono 
  17. GBA 
  18. Magic Ben