We Ani American Idol 

We Ani’s American Idol journey is something quite remarkable for her and for her followers. She is making some serious headlines in the singing industry by delivering beautiful songs to her fans on this highly competitive singing platform.

We Ani American Idol Audition Performance 

We Ani gave her performance nearly a month ago for American Idol Audition before the famous judges. We have to agree that, she is one of the sweetest and kindest people and contestants of American idol that the singing competition show has ever witnessed. This bright young girl came out smiling while giving her audition.

First things first, she gave some brief details about her and where she was from to the judges. Judges were quite surprised by her unique voice. 

She was even asked by one of the judges that, ‘Did you ever voiceover?’. Then she starts singing her audition performance on ‘Anyone’ by Demi Lovato. Interestingly, the moment she started singing, judges went berserk hearing her voice. Literally, her voice changed when she started singing the audition song.

We have to agree she gave an amazing audition performance before the judges. After ending her audition, she received amazing appreciation from all the judges. Finally, she gets ‘yes’ from all the judges present there. 

Appearance on other platforms

Ani’s speaking voice and singing voice sound like two different people. She definitely knows this hidden talent of hers and used it in various stages and shows. Despite being one of the youngest contestants on American Idol, We Ani participated in The Voice as well. 

She was on the eleventh season of The Voice where she competed with her McDonald last name. She got all chairs to turn for her rendition of Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ during her blind auditions. 

We Ani Last Performance 

We Ani made a grand entry to the Top 12 of the singing competition show. She sang the beautiful song ‘This is Me’ just after she was given the news of her entering the Top 12. Now, the latest song sung by her was just amazing. It felt like she sang it originally and then it was published.

She was seen wearing a yellow gown along with black pants and normal heels at the bottom. She looked stunning in her beautiful dress. We are sure she will get lots of votes in her upcoming show. 

We Ani Age 

We Ani is a very talented young girl that the country has witnessed so far. She is just 23 years old and is performing amazingly before all the judges on the show. Now, as she has already made entry into the Top 12 we will see lots of her amazing performances in future. 

We Ani Net Worth 

We Ani is surely a bright and kind girl on the show. She has done lots of solo performances, covers, and many more songs on various stages and shows. Unfortunately, we do not know her net worth but, we are sure she will get lots of opportunities in her career ahead. Whatever she has achieved we are sure her parents would be proud of her. 

Singing Career So Far

Ever since We Ani was a child she was quite fond of singing. She knew what she was passionate about and what she wanted to achieve. Over the years, she gained lots of knowledge and skills in this field and brushed herself beautifully. 

Her first entry into a notable singing competition was in The Voice season 11. She performed extremely well in that competition show. Other than that, she is quite active on various social media handles where she posts lots of covers, original songs, and many more for her fans and followers. Currently, she is in the Top 12 of American Idol season 21. 

Awards and Achievements 

We Ani is still a young girl from Harlem, New York. Her biggest award and achievement is making her debut on The Voice season 11 and American Idol season 21. It is like her dreams are coming true and nothing can stop her now. 


Q1. Can We Ani win American Idol? 

Ans: We Ani surely have some unique voice and knowledge in the field. She is quite good in the field and we are sure she can win the latest season of American Idol.