Criminal Code is an upcoming Brazilian crime television show. The series is going to premiere on Nov 14th 2023 that will be available exclusively on Netflix.

The series might have created huge hype among binge-watchers from all across the globe. This is the reason why the production team should start working on season 2. However, we do not know how the first season is going to be because it has not yet been released yet.

Criminal Code Movie Scene

But, of course there has been an official trailer released for the first season and the casts and the overall storyline seems to be catchy. Well, only time will tell how the first season of this most awaited Brazilian show will perform on the OTT giant, Netflix.

What Is the Criminal Code series on Netflix About?

Criminal Code is a Brazilian crime television show. The show has not yet been released but there has been release of the official trailer and a couple of teasers on the official website of Netflix. The little over one-minute trailer revealed a lot about what the series is going to be about.

The story is going to be set in Brazil and the crime that takes place in this great country. Bank robbers robbing banks with armed weapons has been shown in the trailer and everything looks so terrific. 

The story with the casts could have a lot of twists and turns which we will only be about to tell after watching the series. Fans can also expect a bit of drama in the series which will only add to the attractiveness of the storyline.

In a thrilling new police series, the Federal Police are on a mission to take down a notorious bank robbery gang operating at the Brazil-Paraguay border. “Criminal Code,” inspired by real-life crimes, promises an action-packed narrative that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Directed by the talented Heitor Dhalia and starring Rômulo Braga, Maeve Jinkings, and Thomás Aquino, this gripping series is set to make its debut on November 14th, exclusively on Netflix. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride as the Federal Police leave no stone unturned to accomplish their mission!

Has the Criminal Code Been Renewed For Season 2?

Criminal Code is an upcoming Brazilian criminal television series. The first season of the show is yet to arrive on its official network, Netflix on 14th November 2023.

The second season of the show has not yet been announced yet because it is way too early for that. The producers and the showrunners will possibly evaluate the success in terms of number of viewership for the first season and then decide on whether to renew the series for another season or not.

The production team would have to spend heavily on marketing because that is how more and more people will come to know about the show. Additionally, the series will be arriving officially on Netflix .

Netflix having a huge user base from across the globe could be an added benefit for the production team and the show to receive good viewership. So, all in all, it is only a matter of time before we receive news about the renewal of the second season. 

What We Know About Season 2 So Far?

If there is a second season of the show which we hope that there is going to be one in the future then it could be expected that the storyline from the first season is likely to continue.

But, as of now it would be too early to judge about the possible plot of the second season because the first season is yet to arrive. Looking at the trailer that the showrunners has released it seems that season 1 shouldn’t be the end of it.

There could be multiple protagonists in the series and stories about each of them could be revealed in an unique way in the upcoming season or episodes. Till then we would request you to follow the latest updates from the official website of Netflix or from the official social media pages of the show.