Big Brother is an Australian reality television show, which is a franchise of the original Big Brother Franchise. The show has a list of contestants who are referred to as “Housemates”, who live together in a house isolated from the outside world. The show began in 2001, to date 14 seasons of the show have been released so far. 

Big Brother Australia is back for its 15th season, and this time around the show is called “Big Brother: House of Love”.

The contestants will be competing for a grand prize of $100,000, but there’s a twist: they must vote each other out according to the script, even though they will be forming romantic connections with each other as they enter the house.

The House of Love promises to be a roller coaster ride as the contestants try to find love while competing for the prize money. It’s a battle of love and strategy as they fight to protect themselves and their love interests, but only time will tell who will make it through the twists and turns of the game and win the ultimate prize.

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Big Brother Australia Contestants 2023

The show is spicing things up with the addition of 15 fresh, single contestants who are all on the hunt for love. Get ready to meet a diverse group of hopefuls who are eager to find that special someone. Who knows, maybe one of them will capture your heart!

Anna – Sophia Lambrou 

Anna is a remarkable 30-year-old luxury fashion designer who has made a name for herself as a prominent influencer on Instagram. Her love for travel and exploration is apparent in the way she talks about her experiences, and she describes herself as a “devil in disguise”. 

Sophia Lambron On Big Brother Contestants
Age30 years
ProfessionFashion Designer
Anna & Sophia Big Brother Australia

However, don’t let her charming looks deceive you, as her ways of getting things done are hidden beneath.

Anna has a well-thought-out game plan, which revolves around using her charm to win over the other contestants and avoid being evicted.

She is determined to win the game and has less interest in finding romance while she’s in the house.

Her confidence and determination are evident in the way she expresses herself, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Her intentions are all clear how far will it take her in the show, we’ll only know on Big Brothers: House of Love streaming on Channel 7 from November 6. 

Here’s her Instagram page: ANNA

Minnie Marx

Minnie Marx is an exceptional blonde who goes by the nickname “Dream Come True” among her housemates.

She is a passionate traveler and enjoys exploring new destinations.

Currently, Minnie Marx works as a model and is an ambassador for the brand

In addition, she models for other brands such as @bodileballet, @mermaidhair, and more.

As a full-time model, she frequently travels to various locations.

Her appearance on Big Brother: House of Love is expected to be sizzling and sexy, all thanks to her stunning and alluring personality.

NameMinnie Marx
Age27 years
ProfessionModel, Fashion Influncer
Minnie Marx

To check on her Instagram: MinnieMarx

Louis Phillip

NameLouis Phillipe
Age24 years old
ProfessionMarathon runner, Social Media manager 
Louis Phillipe

Louis Phillip is a 24-year-old social media manager who possesses the perfect blend of charm, intelligence, maturity, and fun attitude, making him a strong contender for the reality show Big Brothers: House of Love.

With his captivating personality and impressive professional skills, Louis is an ideal candidate for the show, and believes that he will make a lasting impression on the show.

Louis is a social media manager and a full-time marathon runner with an incredible physique.

He recently participated in the Melbourne Marathon and even broke his own personal record.

With his impressive set of skills and abilities, Louis appears to be an ideal candidate for the show.

If you want to know whether Louis has what it takes to win the show, don’t forget to follow the Big Brothers: House of Love.

The link to his Instagram: Louis Phillipe

Josh Everett

 Meet Josh Everest — the man from the countryside known to many as the “Lady Charmer.” With his striking appearance and well-defined physique, Josh often leaves women at a loss for words.

Josh Everlett - A contestant from Big Brother Australia New Season

He is a passionate fitness enthusiast who has worked hard to achieve great success in his field. Thanks to his dedication and commitment to his health and fitness, Josh is now widely recognized and has landed numerous brand deals.

Josh Everett is a big-time homie and keeps his friends close and parties hard. Josh is not only a fitness influencer but also knows how to enjoy life.

It is up to him whether his charm will rizzes up the housemates or will it wane thin on the ladies. There’s only one way to know.

NameJosh Everett
Age32 years
Home TownAustralia
ProfessionFitness Influencer, Model
Josh Everett

To get more into his life: Josh Everett

Taylah Davies

Taylah Davis is a single mother who hails from the countryside and refers to herself as a “Bogan Princess”. She has been chosen as a contestant for the 15th season of Big Brother.

Her stunning beauty is matched only by her intelligence, which will be a crucial asset for surviving the show’s dramatic challenges. Tyliah is a devoted mother, and she considers her child to be the “light of her life”.

Taylah Davies

Taylah is participating in Big Brother: House of Love with the hope of finding a suitable partner for her child. However, whether she will be able to stay or not on the show depends on the other contestants.

It is worth noting that Talia can be loud and boisterous, and she is not afraid to play hard to win. She is determined to emerge victorious, no matter what it takes.

NameTylah Davies
Age30 years
ProfessionFashion Influencer
Tylah Davies

Here’s her Instagram: Tylah Davies

Jake Vella

Meet Jack Vella, a 25-year-old who isn’t shy about his love for flirting. He’s thrilled to announce that he’s been chosen to appear on the highly anticipated 15th season of House of Love/Big Brother.

Jack is more than just a pretty face, he’s got a great sense of humor and an infectious confidence that he’s bringing with him to the show.

When asked what viewers can expect from him, he replied with a grin, “You’ll get a lot of blonde moments out of me”. With his charming personality and entertaining antics, Jack is sure to keep us all entertained.

Will his charisma help him get along on his journey in Big Brother or will it sink him down? There is only one way to find out.

NameJake Velle
Age25 years 
HometownVistoria, Australia
Jake Vella

Here’s for his instagram profile: Jake Velle

Luke Hallinan 

Luke is a 33-year-old rugby player hailing from the countryside of Australia. He is a single dad, taking care of his son. His primary goal for appearing on the show is to find love for himself. However, whether he will survive in the competitive world of the show remains to be seen.

He is cheeky as well as has his own sensitive side which can be a liability to carry forward into the show but he is set and ready to experience the journey of Big Brother; House of Love. He loves traveling and is a huge fan of PINK.

Name Luke Hallinan
Age33 years 
ProfessionRugby Player
HometownSydney, Australia
Luke Hallinan

To the link to his Instagram’s Page:   Luke Hallinan

Annelise Drake

Annelis Drake is a 24-year-old pilates instructor and a former Disney princess. She is not just a pretty face but also as she appears on the show is playing the role of Hard to get. 

She is a well known star and very popular through her social media handles for her lifestyle. As she was asked in an interview in for the show she described herself as,” The friend you send up to the bouncer to get you to the front of the queue” .

For her the biggest turn on as she describes is mannerisms, as she has set high standards for herself it is essential for her to find her love interest that respects that fact as well.

NameAnnelis Drake
Age24 years old
ProfessionPilates Instructor

The link to her Instagram: Annelis Drake

Zach Davis

Zach Davis is the born and bred son of the Victorian town of Colac. He is one of the best painters in the town. His nature in the show is set to end all the “dry spell” put on by the other contestants.  He is deeply rooted into the countryside and especially spends most of his time with his friends.

Will his attitude and his nature help him in going more into the show or do he have to face the consequences of eviction. The only way to know is by following the show.

NameZach Davis
HometownVictoria, Australia

To check his Instagram: Zach Davis  


Quan is a 37 year old single. Her main motive was to search for the right partner. She is a mature woman and searching for the right person to share her love interest to.

Her past experiences in love has only led her to disappointment and wishes that this time the show will bring in a change in her life.

She is an influencer and a real-life model. Her appearances in the show will for sure bring in more maturity to the drama in the show. But her motive stays clear; she’s not into small talks and straight to the point.

ProfessionInfluencer, Model

The Instagram link of her is: Quan

Graciemae Sinclair

Graciemae Sinclair is a 24-year-old gorgeous girl. She currently works as a personal assistant from Sydney for the Sebastian Family. When asked about her in the show, she described herself as “the mum” from Meet the Fockers. She is very intrusive and mysterious and it is the quality of her that brought her into the House of Love.

Will the protagonist of the story be able to make it to the final rounds? Will she be able to find true love among all the chaos surrounding her? Will she be able to overcome the challenges presented by her intrusive thoughts? The answers to these questions can only be found by following her journey through the story.

NameGraciemae Sinclair
Age24 years
ProfessionPA, Influncer

The link to her Instagram is: Graciemae Sinclair

Dion Prasad

Dion Prasad is a 26-year-old male stripper, now working as a light designer. Dion Prasad is all about his charismatic charm and ready to melt some hearts on the show.

He is also wishes to have a fun experience in the show and not searching for anything serious. He sees the show as a playground for brunettes and is ready to explore every single inch of it.

He loves to party and his light shows at concerts and pubs are simply phenomenal. She is a perfect mixture of good and bad, and we hope that his charismatic personality will keep him in the game for a long time. The rest of the details will be revealed during the show.

Name Dion Prasad
Age26 years
ProfessionLight designer, Stripper

To know more about him: Dion Prasad

Lewis Beers

Lewis Beers is a 25-year-old carpenter hailing from Victorian. He gives out confidence and charm with positive attitude and good looks. Lewis is a straight male and is admired by many for his smooth talking skills and pleasant personality.

His ability to communicate effectively with others and his happy-go-lucky attitude make him the type of person you would want to introduce to your mum.

He is physically appealing and likes sports. He is also a great fan of surfing and spends most of his time by the beach drinking beer. He is on the show to find some romantics and have fun. What’s gonna happen well we can only imagine

NameLewis Beers
Age25 years
HomeTownVictoria, Australia

The Instagram of his : Lewis Beers

Tay and Ari

There’s a duet of two sisters who call themselves social media influencers and are from the state of Queensland. They are very popular on social media for their luxurious lifestyle and fashion. The duo is set to bring double the excitement to the show.

The cute and charismatic nature of these contestants is sure to spice things up in the game. It will be interesting to see what their strategy will be as they are playing as a single contestant. Regardless of what they do, it is guaranteed to be a fun spectacle to watch.

NameTay and Ari
Age23 (Tay), 23(Ari)
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer

The links to their Instagram are: Tay & Ari

Who is the host of Big Brother 2023?

The show feels incomplete without Sonia Kruger, the host. She has been on the show from 2012-2015 and she came back again in 2020. She is all set to host the 15th season of Big Brother.