The Farmer Wants A Wife is an Australian television series that started from 2007. The reality TV series has currently got 12 seasons under its belt with the latest season airing last year in Sep 2022. The series showcases eligible farmers belonging from Australia those who go on a series of romantic dates with women and looks for the perfect partner in hope to find love and marry.

The 12th season was wrapped up last year and a piece of good news for the viewers has arrived that the next season was already confirmed. No doubt, that the upcoming season will be as exciting and fun to watch just like its previous seasons.

It is said that seven new farmers from the country will be appearing on the reality show when it hits the screens this year in 2023. The most romantic season of Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023 starts Easter Monday which is 10th April on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

Farmer Want’s Wife Australia Cast 2023

S NFarmerPlaceAgeSpecialization
1BradCootamundra, NSW32Crop and Cattle Farmer
2DavidPozieres, QLD29Apple Farmer
3BrentonDarriman, VIC26Sheep and Cattle Farmer
4MattBookham, NSW23Sheep and Cattle Farmer
5AndrewNarromine, NSW41Crop and Sheep Farmer
Farmer Want’s Wife Cast 2023

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Wifes of Farmers

Farmer Wants A Wife Australia Plot

The plot of the reality series goes that bachelor farmers of the country go out on a series of romantic dates with women only to find the perfect partner with whom they hope to love and get married. Every year contestants participating in the reality show have the opportunity to experience dates on the farmers’ farm to truly understand the potential lover’s unique lifestyle.

A little Brief about Farmer Wants A Wife Contestants

Contestants for the upcoming season has been announced already and there will be seven eligible bachelor who will be seen in the upcoming season. They are:

Farmer Brenton – 26, Darriman, VIC

The 26-year-old sixth generation cattle farmer from Victoria whose quest for real, awkward love is about to begin this upcoming season. He seems to be an awkward yet a good-looking guy who has never done like this before in his life. He is looking for an ideal partner who is respectful, kind, loving, honest, willing to give new things a go and knows how to communicate.

He finds himself lucky that he will be able to find someone whom someday he can call his wife. It will be life-changing decision which he would have to make after meeting some wonderful women. 

Farmer Brad – 32, Cootamundra, New South Wales

It is time to say hello to Farmer Brad who is a 32-year-old crop and cattle farmer. Brad is about to find his perfect partner this season after being heartbroken in the past. He describes himself as ‘a bit of larrikin who enjoys being around people and having a good time.’ he says that finding that special person will be the missing piece of puzzle in his life. Several women already think that he could be the perfect gentleman but in the end who will he choose as his partner? 

Farmer David – 29, Pozieres, QLD

Farmer David is an apple farmer and will be appearing to look for love the upcoming season. David will be on a hunt from Queensland to find the ideal partner for his life. David grew up in a apple farm in Queensland and there was a time when he ventured away from the farm to explore another path.

It would have been a different life for him because he had gone to study Civil Engineering and it was in the same industry he worked for until he was 27 years. It is now only a matter of time before he too gets to meet his love of his life. 

Farmer Andrew – 41, Narromine, NSW

Farmer Andrew is the 41-year-old crop and sheep farmer who will be seen in the upcoming season of Farmer wants a wife 2023. Farmer Andrew is all ready from New South Wales to dance his way through real love this season. Andrew claims that he is ‘not the average farmer’ and is very passionate about sport, reading, dancing, public speaking and his beloved dogs. Farmer Andrew seems confident this season that he will get the ideal partner for his life.

It has been 8-9 years that he has been single in his life and now the time has come to make the most difficult decision of his life. 

Farmer Matt – 23, Bookham, NSW

The 23-year-old fifth-generation sheep and cattle farmer is one of the youngster in the list of contestants for the upcoming season. He is about to have the most romantic moments of his life which is going to be a part of his romantic love story.

Matt seems confident and a bit of nervous at the same time because it could be a life changing decision. His love for his farm is unconditional and wants a partner to share his farm with. Now, who will he choose as his life partner so that he can share his dreams?

Farmer Wants A Wife Australia Host

The host of the upcoming season will be the very own farmer’s wife Samantha Armytage. She will be back as the host of the show playing cupid for her second season. While Natalie Gruzlewski had been the host for several seasons, she will be seen as the co-host of the upcoming season this year.

Just in the year 2022, Samantha had joined Natalie as a guest host to guide the contestants (farmers) throughout the reality Tv experience as they embark on a special journey to find their true love. It has also been confirmed that Samantha will once again be the main host in 2023.