Canada’s Got Talent Episode 3 Recap: Audition 3

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 created an exciting night in its last episode. The fans were at the edge of their seats and were in awe watching the brilliant acts and performances put up by the amazingly canada’s got talent contestants. Within just a few hours, people are already buzzing in their social media accounts about how exciting the whole episode was.

Canada's Got Talent Episode 3 performers

Canada’s Got Talent Episode 3 Contestants

S.NContestantActInstagram Handle
1MVP DANCEDance Crewmvpdanceco
2TAP DANCE CANADADance Crewteamcanadadanceofficial
4KONAH RAYNESSong Writerkonahraynes
5AMIR BRANDONSingeramirbrandon
6THE TREVOR SHOWVocal Grouptrevorwavesmusic
7A3 RYDERZDance Crewa3district_ryderz
8SIMA SAXENASingerbollywoodindia_radio
9XPOGO STUNT TEAMStunt Manxpogoharry
10Magician Will StelfoxMagicianwill_stelfox_magic
11Dance Crew Cool Giraffes’Dance Crewofficialcoolgiraffes
12Alexandra Cote and her Bestfriend, TeslaProfessional dog traineralexcotedogtrainer
Canada’s Got Talent Audition 3 performers

Alexandra Cote and her Bestfriend, Tesla

Alexandra Cote was one of the performers in the last episode of Canada’s Got Talent. She is a professional dog trainer and performed an act with her friend, Tesla and Louka in the CGT stage last night. It was judge Lily Singh who began asking some basic details about her and her friend. She seems confident and so does her dog about the show that they were going to put up. Alexandra Cote belongs from Thetford Mines, QC. 

Dance Crew Cool Giraffes

With energetic entry of the huge dance crew in the stage everyone including the judges were surprised and as well as excited about the show that they were about to put up. The dance crew are from Edmonton, Alberta. The official social media handle of the crew had revealed earlier in March that they were going to be participating in season 2 of Canada’s Got Talent. The group has got 21 members in their team who performed in front of the judges last episode. 

Magician Will Stelfox

Will Stelfox is from Vancouver and was one of the performers in the previous episode of CGT. he started off his performance by doing what he does best which is ‘Magic’. His magical performance was quite impressed by audiences and as well as the judges. Even though his magic with the blades were felt somewhat uncomfortable but in the end it was a relieving moment for the audiences and as well as the judges.

XPOGO Stunt Team

XPOGO stunt team consisted of three members and made their entry in the episode with one pogo sticks each. Judges seem excited about the show that they were about to put up. As dangerous as it seems any mistake in their stunt could prove fatal injuries to them even though they were wearing proper safety gears. The performance was impressive as it shocked the judges with their pogo tricks. The team has been performing these stunts for more than 9 years.

Sima Saxena

Sima Saxena is yet another humble yet fantastic mother of two kids had a great piece for her audience in the previous episode of CGT. She is from Victoria and with her original track performance which was about her mother had the judges dancing along to the beat. Judge Lily Singh even said that she would make it her ringtone. 

Sima Saxena performance in CGT

A3 Ryderz

A3 Ryderz is a dance group who had made their appearance in the second season of Canada’s Got Talent. Judges and as well as the fans were quite impressed with the performance they put up. 

The Trevor Show

The Trevor show is a vocal group who also performed a magical performance last night on CGT. The group belongs from Toronto. With the golden buzzer-winning performance put up by them they were not able to get that but has won millions of hearts.

Amir Brandon

Amir Brandon is a singer/musician from Toronto. His performance was mesmerizing too and made the judges to just simply press that buzzer. Fans are going crazy about his last night’s performance on the CGT stage. 

Konah Rynes

Konah Raynes is a singer and also a songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario. He has written many original songs and was one of the performers in the previous episode of CGT. 


The Golden girl of the night was Anica who was able to get Judge Lindsay hit the golden buzzer with her excellent singing performance last episode. She performed a powerful cover of ‘Unstoppable’ by Sia and won millions of hearts with it. 

Tap Dance Canada

Tap Dance Canada was one of the groups that performed its eye-catching tap dance. The judges were amazed and was enjoying every bit of the performance while it lasted. Fans went crazy about it and so does the viewers and audiences. 

MVP Dance

MVP Dance was a dance act and the performers belonged from Toronto, Ontario. They were one of the most favourite groups that was able to get the attention of the judges as well with their excellent performance.