Meet Garret Lyon: The Superfan that met his Idol

Garret Lyon is a singer from Brisbane, Queensland, who auditioned for The Voice Australia season 12 – 2023. He is a Huge fan of Jessica Mauboy, one of the coaches on the show, and has met her several times at her concerts.

Belonging to the Darumbal group, 31 Years Old Garret Lyon hails from Rockhampton, Central Queensland. Lyon graduated with an advanced diploma in music after being accepted into the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts as a dancer soon after he completed his graduation.

His musical career has predominantly been performing his original music throughout Australia. He sang “Leave (Get Out)” by JoJo for his blind audition, but unfortunately, none of the coaches turned their chairs for him.

Unbelievable: Jess Maubo Turns Superfan Garret Lyon’s Dream into Reality

However, Jessica Mauboy recognized him and offered to sing a duet with him on stage, which was a dream come true for Garret. He has a powerful voice and a passion for music, and he hopes to continue pursuing his career as a singer.

Unveiling the Buzz: Garret Lyon & Jessica’s Memorable Moment on The Voice Blind Auditions!

Garret was one of the performers last night on The Voice Blind Auditions. The Australian singer sang Jojo’s Leave (Get Out). Judges Guy Sebastian, Jason Derulo, Rita Ora, and Jessica Mauboy had their seats turned while Lyon performed. His performance was sadly unable to convince the judges including his role model ‘Jessica Mauboy’

But, when Jess spun her chair towards Lyon she was both shocked and surprised at the same time when she recognised her superfan from her concerts. Mauboy said that every time she would do a show Lyon would always be there to witness her performance.

Additionally, Lyon had also revealed that he always had Mauboy’s posters in his room ever since he was just 12 years old. 

Even though it was a sad day for Lyon, Jessica wanted to do something to cheer him up. Jess went up to the stage so that Garret could perform again but this time it would be with her as a duet. Lyon did win the hearts of his fans and they kept him motivated as he received positive messages from them. 

Garret Lyon’s Blind Audition

Garret Lyon performed Jojo’s Leave (Get Out) in The Voice Blind Audition. The singer was seen wearing a pink suit with a black T-shirt. The judges seemed to have enjoyed the music while Lyon performed with confidence. But, in the end, he remained unsuccessful to impress the judges but left off the stage by performing a duet with his role model, ‘Jessica Mauboy’. 

Garret Lyon Bio & Wiki

Garret Lyon hails from Queensland, Australia, and is a proud Darumbal. The Australian singer was born in 1992 in Rockhampton and was raised here.

He is 31 years old currently. Completed his advanced diploma in music from Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts as a dancer as well. 

Garret Lyon’s Net Worth 

Garret Lyon has performed original music throughout his musical career. He has worked with several notable groups as well which may have earned him a good amount of money.

He had the chance to make a breakthrough in his musical career in The Voice Australia 2023 but was unsuccessful to impress the judges. As of now his net worth is still under review.

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