Duo Dadiva is an exceptional couple from Cuba consisting of Amalia Cruz Duquen and Lyolexan Torres. The Duo Dadiva has fantastic coordination with their chemistry. The Duo Dadiva performed a balancing act in the audition for America’s Got Talent, wowing the audience.

Getting the three yeses from Sofia, Heidi, and Howie The Duo Dadiva are circular performers as well. Cuba is represented at international festivals like the Bayeuz International Cirque Festival and the International Festival of Circ Elefant d’Or.

They have participated in other Got Talent franchise series where, in France, they made it to the semi-finals. The audience will get to see more fantastic performances by Duo Dadiva in season 18 of America’s Got Talent.

Duo Dadiva Agt Season 18 Performance

AGT, also known as America’s Got Talent, never disappoints audiences with their incredible dance, drama, comedy, and singing performances. In the latest season, with all the excellent performances, Duo Dadiva captured everyone’s heart.

Their acrobatic performance with unquestionable chemistry justified every move they performed. Duo Dadiva, the duo of Amalia Cruz Duquen and Lyolexan Torres, has exceptional bonding.

They performed an acrobatic balancing act in the auditions for America’s Got Talent. Both Sofia and Howie from the judge’s panel called them beautiful and said yes, while Simon was not impressed, but with Heidi’s yes, the pair Duo Dadiva secured their place in America’s Got Talent season 18.

Duo Dadiva Performed Which Song In AGT 2023?

Duo Dadiva, known for their excellent acrobatic performances, performed a balancing act on Rolla Bolla in American Got Talent season 18, 2023. For their beautiful balancing act, they got standing ovations from the audience and praises from the judges.

Duo Dadiva’s Biography/Wiki

Duo Dadiva is a duo from Cuba who are circus artists with their creative art. The pair consists of Amalia Cruz Duquen and Lyolexan Torres. This couple is a real-life couple who got married and have a cute daughter. Their captivating chemistry and balance appear in their performances.

The duo has already gained fame by showcasing their talent in different franchises of Got Talent, like Got Talent Stars in Spain and France.

In France’s talent pool, this duo has made it to the semifinals. Amalia has graduated from the National School of Arts and the National Circus School in Cuba. Also, Loylexan graduated from the Cuban Circus Academy. Duo Dadiva is skilled in acrobatics, gymnastics, and dancing.

Apart from their balancing acts, this duo has performed as circus performers and has represented Cuba in several international circus festivals.

Duo Dadiva Net Worth: Year By Year

Duo Dadiva is from Cuba. The acrobats have been performing on different stages, showcasing their phenomenal talent. They got into the limelight by performing in various shows. After their remarkable journey in France’s Got Talent, the Duo will give a head-to-head competition on the stage of America’s Got Talent.

The net worth of Duo Dadiva is not revealed yet, but based on their performances nationally and internationally on different stages with such undeniably excellent acts, Duo Dadiva must have a good net worth.

Name & YearNet Worth
Duo Dadiva Networth in 2024Updated Soon
Duo Dadiva Networth in 2023Updated Soon
Duo Dadiva Networth in 2022N/A

Duo Dadiva’s Biography, Nationality And Parents

Duo Dadiva is a Cuban couple composed of Amalia Cruz Duquen and Lyolexan Torres. The Couple is the parents of a daughter who got the same acrobatic genes from her parents.

The daughter of Amalia and Lyolexan already seems to be an expert in acrobatics, as she quickly does splits and various acrobatic stunts.