America’s Got Talent is one of the most famous talent showcasing competition shows on the planet. The reality show has been running successfully since 2006 and has witnessed a number of judges and as well as hosts throughout the years. Surprisingly, the show has been hosted by a number of popular celebrities which was one good thing for the show’s marketing strategy.

Judges who have appeared before and as well as the current judges have been loved by people as they gave their true and direct judgment after every performance. If you wish to become a judge for AGT then this article is just for you.

Responsibility As Judge On America’s Got Talent 

There are crucial responsibilities that judges have to take care of while they are sitting on the front witnessing talented people perform on the big stage. Judges do have to give unbiased reviews and comments about each performance they witness. From the contestant’s point of view they must get at least 3 yeses so that they can advance for further stages in the competition show. Judges must have the expertise with what they are evaluating, a distinctive yet authentic personality, and the ability to deliver honest criticism. 

Now, it may seem easy to become a judge and say what you think about a performance but it is not so easy to do the same. Judges directly or indirectly give the reaction for the fans and tell what mostly the fans and audience would want to hear. Proper and a fair judgment would only be possible if unafraid judgment is done. 

How To Be A Successful Judge In America’s Got Talent?

As already mentioned earlier, judges need to deliver unbiased judgment while judging a performance in a reality show like America’s Got Talent. Being a successful judge in AGT or in any other reality show means becoming the favorite of the people. People and fans must be able to trust your judgment and your thoughts about a particular performance. Being straightforward, and delivering unbiased comments and also not hampering the momentum of the show is crucial to become a successful judge in AGT. 

Now, there may be certain comments that you as a judge cannot make which may affect a certain community, religion, race, caste, etc. Those things will become the downfall for your judging career and people will not be satisfied with you being in one of the judges’ seats. 

Why America’s Got Talent Is Powerful Show As Judge?

America’s Got Talent is a powerful show only because of its popularity. The show receives millions of views every season which only showcases the fanbase of the show. Judges either directly or indirectly become the face of the show. Now, with such viewership it is crucial for the judges that they give straight forward comments and judgment and at the same time keep the contestants motivated for participating in the show. No comments should be made that would hurt a contestant personally. So far, judgment in the reality show has been appreciated by viewers from all across the globe which is one solid reason why AGT is a powerful show as a judge. If you are to become a judge then you would have to be up to the standard to keep the status of the show at its highest point. 

Five Secrets To Success As America’s Got Talent Judge

Mastering The Art of Talent Evaluation 

None of the current judges are American. Neither have got the expertise in most fields, but all of them have mastered the art of talent evaluation over the years. Judges do have to build expertise in most fields so that they know what the contestant has to go through while performing at the big stage. They must be able to look into every single detail and come up with a judgment for that. 

To become a successful AGT judge is to build a strong portfolio. Unless you are a globally recognised name or somewhat close to a famous personality you will not be able to get through as a judge in AGT. Producers are the ones who approach famous personalities to consider them being the judge. This is why it is also important to increase personal networking and connections. 

The Audition Process Demystified 

Judgment should include an unique perspective that you as a judge should be able to catch during a performance. Judgment must be direct and unbiased and judges must be able to handle pressure with grace keeping in mind not to hurt someone through any harsh comment(s). 

Mastering The Art Of Television Judging 

Judges of AGT have to judge not just for themselves but for all viewers and fans from across the globe. They must be strong in communication and their message should be clear to not just the contestant(s) but also to the fans as well. Judgment must be done with a smiling face so that contestants find a way to stay motivated for their future performances. 

Embracing The Responsibilities 

Judges must keep learning about new things whether it is a new style, activity, act, or any other field. Judges must be able to understand the effort put up by a contestant to perform a talent show. They must be adaptable to change as it will only be good for them to increase their judgment skills. 

Current Sitting Judges Of AGT 2023

  • Sofia Vergara (Colombian and American Actress)
  • Heidi Klum (German and American Model)
  • Simon Cowell (English TV Personality)
  • Howie Mandel (Canadian Comedian)


To become a judge one must be approached by the show producers and express interest in the role. Once approached then it is only a few steps before one is able to sit on the judges’ chair of AGT. Judges do have to adapt to change and must develop new skills and knowledge to pass fair and unbiased judgments.