DWTS Australia Judges 2024: Introducing the Superstar Judges 

Dancing with the Stars has returned for a brand new season for all the viewers. This brand new season of Dancing with the Stars will see celebrities with glittery costumes making magical moves to make their way up to the dance floor.

On the other hand, we will witness great moments and dance moves from all the dancing stars who will be seen participating in the new season of Dancing with the Stars. 

The 20th season of Dancing with the Stars Australia has already begun and it has become as exciting as ever. All the performers are giving their best and the same for judges as well.

After weeks of intensive training, all the dancing celebrities are facing Craig Revel Horwood, Sharna Burgess, Todd McKenney, and Mark Wilson as the panel of judges. 

How Much Do Dancing With The Stars Australia Judges Make? 

Competition shows that include celebrity judges or cast get paid by the production company of that particular show. Similarly, all the judges present in Dancing with the Stars season 20 are paid by the officials.

Now, most of the time the salary figure is not revealed by the officials they are kept secret between the production company and the receiver.

Now, there is no exact figure of how much the judges present in the show are paid but, there are some estimated figures revealed. On the other hand, all the contestants in the show are paid below $50,000. The salaries of Dancing with the Stars Judges in the US range from $62,797 to $1,697,581, with a median salary of $305,561. 

Dancing with the Stars Australia judges could expect to take home pay of $238,506 per year.

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Dancing with the Stars Australia Judges Salary Compared 

Here are the salaries of all the judges who have judged Dancing with the Stars Australia:-

Todd McKenney (1-15) (18-20) Not Revealed 
Mark Wilson (1-15) (18-20)Not Revealed 
Helen Richie (1-15) (18-19)Not Revealed 
Paul Mercurio (1-7) (18-20)Not Revealed 
Joshua Horner (11-12)Not Revealed 
Kym Johnson (13-15)Not Revealed 
Adam Garcia (13-14)Not Revealed 
Craig Revel Horwood (16-17) (20)Not Revealed 
Sharna Burgess (16-17) (20)Not Revealed 
Tristan MacManus (16-17) Not Revealed 
DWTS Au Judges Salary

Dancing with the Stars Australia Judges’ Net Worth 

Here is the net worth table of Dancing with the Stars Australia’s judges 2023:-

Name Net Worth 
Craig Revel Horwood $5 million
Sharna Burgess $3 million
Todd McKenney $1-5 million
Mark Wilson$5 million 
DWTS Au Judges Net Worth

Q1. Who is the highest-paid Dancing with the Stars Australia judge? 

Ans: There is no information regarding who is the highest-paid Dancing with the Stars Australia judge because there is no exact salary figure revealed from the officials. 

Q2. What are the changes in the judging panel for Dancing with the Stars in 2024? 

Ans: Todd McKenney and Mark Wilson will be returning to the judging panel after a long time. On the other hand, Craig Revel and Sharna Burgess who both judged previously replaced Hele