Lego Masters Audition was started in 2020 and the show has already completed four seasons. On a positive note, Lego Masters Season 5 has been renewed. Fans and viewers need not worry as it will be back for another round and this time we will experience something very unique and different approach from the official production company of the show.

In this amazing show, all the Lego enthusiasts participate in a list of competitions. The most interesting part here is that the Lego competition starts with a single brick and then further it concludes with complex constructions.

Moreover, the final construction of Lego must be unique and attractive to look at. Everyone is creative in a different way and that is one of the reasons why we get to witness some amazing Lego construction at the end of the show. 

Further in this article, we will talk about Lego Masters season 5 auditions for 2024, how one can apply for Lego Masters season 5 2024, the application process for Lego Masters season 5 auditions, and eligibility criteria & requirements for Lego Masters season 5.

Will There Be Lego Masters Season 5 Auditions for 2024?

Recently, Lego Masters is making headlines and news as Fox has already announced the renewal of its fifth season. Yes, you have heard it right, another amazing round of Lego Masters will be back for the viewers and critics.

This time it is going to be even more amazing and creative. Everyone including the official production company of the show is very excited for the upcoming fifth season. 

The official renewal news of the fifth season of Lego Masters has come just a few days before the official premiere date of its fourth season. Fans and viewers must not worry as the show will not leave us anytime soon. 

The newly renewed fifth season of Lego Masters will feature a new batch of builders from across the country. These builders will face lots of difficult yet creative challenges and they will come up with great and amazing solutions and the most inventive design to date.

We are sure all the viewers and the audience of the show will be shocked to see such constructions at the end of the show or season. 

How to Apply for Lego Masters Season 5 2024? 

The application process for Lego Masters is very easy and simple. But, applicants must follow all these simple steps very carefully so that they do not face any problem further when they have submitted their application form to the officials of the show. Here are the steps of how one can apply for Lego Masters season 5 2024:-

  • You are required to visit the official casting website of the show which is 9Now. Potential applicants can simply visit Calling for all builders big and small! Apply for LEGO Masters 2024 ( this link and visit the official website directly 
  • After you have clicked on the above link it will automatically lead you to the official casting webpage of the show
  • Now when you have opened the official website you need to scroll down below and you will find an option which says “Click Here to apply for season 6.” you need to click on that option and a new application webpage will open up
  • The official casting department of the show is currently hiring new applicants for the sixth season of the show 
  • Scroll down below and you will find lots of details that are required to be filled 
  • Make sure you fill out every detail that has been asked from you and click on the “register” button 

Application Process for Lego Masters Season 5 Audition

The application process for Lego Masters has always been online. People who are willing to apply for the new season of this amazing show have to visit the official website of the company and you will get every detail regarding the application and audition for the show. 

Yes, before you apply or visit the application form make sure you read all the terms and conditions. You need to be eligible to apply for a new season of Lego Masters audition. If you have any queries then you can always visit the official website and contact the production company or the department that is responsible for answering queries. 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements For Lego Masters Season 5

Lego Masters is only for children and yes there are age requirements for them as well. Children of all ages just cannot apply for the show they need to fit in all the eligibility criteria and requirements as per the show. Now, here are the eligible criteria and requirements for Lego Masters season 5:-

  • All applicants and participants must be at least 15 years of age as of July 1 2023 for the sixth season of the show
  • Potential applicants need to have proper residential proof of Australia. They must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident for at least two years or more 
  • All the applicants or selected candidates must be available for eight weeks of shoot. The shooting mostly takes place between mid-October and December 
  • Applicants must be available for one day in September for the potential audition with the producers of the show