Kevin O’Leary – Shark Tank USA has always kept us on the edge of our seats. This entertaining reality television business show has been adapted by many countries.

The show consists of aspiring entrepreneurs looking for investors who would be investing in their startups thus boosting their impact in their existing market and even reach to newer ones.

Investors in Shark Tank have been very good, always proving viewers wrong about their immense business knowledge. Similarly, one of the investors whom we are going to talk about in this article is Kevin O’Leary.

According to the year 2023, Kevin has an estimated net worth of $400 million. He has kept this net worth maintained since the past three years which is since 2020.

The Canadian businessman seems to have invested his money in a lot of valuable firms that have been giving him great fortune. The 69-year-old entrepreneur even has got other sources of income to have such a whopping net worth in 2023. 

What Is The Source Of Kevin O’Leary Wealth?

Millionaires like Kevin O’Leary do not tend to keep one single source of income. Kevin has got ‘The Learning Company, O’Leary Funds, and Shark Tank deals’ as his primary source of income. Kevin became a millionaire by the age of 45 which is a significant success in his career. Even though he is widely known as an angel investor on Shark Tanks today he did have a job in his initial days. 

It was revealed that after he left Nabisco, Kevin had begun a brief career as a television producer. This is why he is also known as a journalist and a television personality. Kevin, working as a television producer has even founded Special Event Television in partnership with his two former MBA classmates Scott Mackenzie and Dave Toms. 

The Learning Company, which is an educational software company, was acquired by Kevin’s company, Softkey. Therefore, this is one of his primary sources of income apart from his deals with the Shark Tank show and also being an investor. 

How Much Money Does Kevin O’Leary Earn For Each Shark Tank Episode?

Well, it is quite an interesting question that most people would be interested to know the amount that Kevin receives from Shark Tank per episode. Surprisingly, there is no latest news but it was back in the year 2016 when it was revealed that he received $50,000 per episode in the Shark Tank series. This seems to be a good amount of money and Kevin just like any other entrepreneur thinks that ‘Time Is Money’. 

His average per-episode salary was reported to be around $30,000 per episode according to reports made this year. With a total of 24 episodes per year of each Shark Tank season per season, Kevin O’Leary makes around $720,000 from the program. A yearly fee of close to a million is definitely a good amount of money. 

Kevin O’Leary’s Net Worth Year – Wise 

Net Worth Year 
$325 million 2019
$350 million 2020
$380 million 2021
$410 million 2022
$450 million 2023

Which Businesses Are Owned By Kevin O’Leary?

The portfolio of the entrepreneur consists of a long list of companies. He is also the founder of many companies that are doing great business in their respective fields. Mentioned below are some of the businesses that are owned by Kevin O’Leary:

  • Co-founded O’Leary Funds Inc in the year 2008
  • Founded O’Leary Ventures in the year 2000
  • Launched ETF through O’ Shares Investments on July 2015

Kevin earns maximum of his income from the above three companies which is one of the most successful businesses. O’Leary Funds is a mutual fund company and it is in this company he serves as the chairman and as well as the lead investor while his brother Shane O’Leary serves as the director. The company grew its business significantly over the years and has built a good reputation all over the globe. 

What Are The Names Of Kevin O’Leary’s Companies?

  • O’ Leary Ventures 
  • O’Leary Mortgages (closed in 2014)
  • O’ Leary Books 
  • O’Leary Fine Wines 

How Does Kevin O’Leary Invest His Money?

Kevin has founded and invested in several companies in his entrepreneurial journey. He is one of the richest ‘Sharks’ in Shark Tank which is why it is obvious that he has invested in a lot of startup companies to date. Being on Shark Tank is one of the methods where he has invested his precious money. Several aspiring entrepreneurs come to the show to get on board Kevin O’Leary as an investor in their company. 

Kevin has extended his investments into several business categories. His investments include crypto, mutual funds, and as well as in collectibles such as Contemporary Art. Kevin has always been an intelligent entrepreneur and knows how a business will perform in the future which makes him a great investor in the Shark Tank series. 

Why Is Kevin O’Leary Known As Mr. Wonderful?

Kevin O’Leary’s appearances on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank earned him the nickname of Mr. Wonderful. The entrepreneur had even revealed that he is often referred to by this name in public and he thinks that this name is a reference for his reputation being mean. Kevin has a blunt persona and his assessments seem to be helpful to misguided entrepreneurs.