Season 18 of the popular Talent show America’s got talent aired on NBC channel. The show has a vast fanbase and participants come from around the world to present their talent.

The journey of hunting the best talent has begun and the panel of judges including Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel are already impressed with the skills coming on the show. In a recent episode, the dance Group coming from France impressed the judges and audience with their fantastic performance.

The dance group Murmuration makes everyone impressed and curious about their upcoming acts. You must be excited to know about the dance group Murmuration who made the AGT judge Howie Mandel press the golden buzzer. So, we have brought everything that you wish to know about the AGT golden buzzer performer Murmuration. 

Golden Buzzer Winner In AGT 2023 – Murmuration Biography/Wiki

Murmuration is a dance troupe consisting of 65 members that play with their hands. Sadeck Berrabah leads the group. The group has previously performed in season 13 of America Got Talent as Géométrie Variable but unfortunately, they were eliminated in the auditions. Later with the name Géométrie Variable, they participated in the popular dance competition world of dance where they qualified as finalists.

In 2021 Murmuration appeared in the Got Talent franchise show France’s Got Talent with the name Sadeck and Mega Unity. The group led by Sadeck Berrabah got the golden buzzer in France’s got talent by Judge Sugar Sammy. They finished the season as runner-up.

Recently the dance group has again got into the limelight for their excellent performance at America’s Got Talent season 18. The Group got a Golden buzzer in the auditions. The dance leader and choreographer Sadeck Berrabah has also choreographed the dance for the France Paralympics 2024. 

Who is Dance Group Murmuration (Golden Buzzer Winner Agt 2023)? 

A murmuration is a dance group from France. The group led by Sadeck Berrabah got a standing ovation from the judges and audience. The group has performed in the Got Franchise series France Got Talent and finished as runner-up. Their performance at season 18 of America’s Got Talent surprised the judges.

Their perfect synchronization and clean movements of hands left everyone puzzled. The group of 64 dancers performed on the stage was too blindfolded. It impressed everyone especially judge Howie Mandel who pressed the golden buzzer for the Murmuration.

Who is the leader of the Murmuration America’s Got Talent?

Sadeck Berrabah is the leader of the Murmuration. He started this group and led it in every competition they participated in. Although in the audition for AGT, he couldn’t make it to the show due to his health problem. So, his friend Jibril Maillot led the performance.

Dance Group Murmuration AGT Season 18 ACT

In the latest season of AGT, a group of 65 dancers performed a mind-blowing performance just with their hands. What’s incredible is their whole performance was blindfolded. The act achieved a golden buzzer from judge Howie Mandel who left mesmerized by their performance.

The choreographer and leader have specially curated this act for the auditions of AGT. However, due to his health, he wasn’t able to perform with the group so his friend Jibril Maillot led the performance in the place of Sadeck Berrabah.

All the 64 dancers wearing black outfits and blindfolded delivered a spectacular performance with their hands synchronizing perfectly with each other. The performance impressed judge Howie Mandel so much that he couldn’t restrain himself from placing the Golden Buzzer on the Audition night.

Dance group Murmuration performed which song on the AGT stage?

The dance group Murmuration had an excellent performance on the stage of AGT with the music playing in the background. It was a musical act consisting of harmonious tunes syncing with hand movements. 

Dance Group Murmuration Net Worth Year by Year

The French dance group Murmuration’s Net worth is not known yet. Although being the golden buzzer performer on AGT will open many doors of success for them and it’s sure if they win it will be a kickstart to their journey in the entertainment industry. 

Murmuration Net Worth In 2024AS SOON AS UPDATE
Murmuration Net Worth In 2023AS SOON AS THE UPDATE
Murmuration Net Worth In 2022NOT KNOW