Chibi Unity Group on AGT 

Tuesday’s episode of the famous America’s Got Talent blew away lots of minds across the world. The auditions for America’s Got Talent have come to a close and we do have to agree that it was an amazing ending and a great journey. We saw lots of amazing talents and performances for the past month and Chibi Unity is one of them.

This is one of those acts on America’s Got Talent which surely deserved a Golden Buzzer from the judges. Chibi Unity is a Japanese dance group, they are also known as a Junior Division Fusion crew from Japan. They are just sensations in the world of dance and came into the limelight when they appeared on the talent competitive reality television show, America’s Got Talent season 18.

Further in this article, we will talk about their performance on America’s Got Talent, who are they, and all the moments that happened last night. 

Chibi Unity Group AGT Audition 

This audition from Chibi Unity Group was worth watching and if you have watched it then you will surely watch it multiple times. It was Bunta from Chibi Unity Group who came up to the stage and introduced himself to the whole audience. When he was asked where do you live? He immediately replied “We are from Japan” and this is where the Japanese crowd went crazy. Now, along with Bunta, there was a translator who was transcribing Bunta’s words in English.

Bunta spoke in his language saying, when he saw Myers, who won the last season of AGT, he thought we have to get on the stage. In reply from Simon, he said: “Myers is the best dance act we have ever seen.” 

Soon all the interior lights in the hall were darkened and the spotlight was on a girl who put something white on her face and started dancing. There was a white curtain or sheet on the stage which separated the girl and all the other dancers.

The other dancers were also dancing to the music at the back. Very soon all the dancers came forward and started dancing together. There were around 20+ dancers on the stage who were performing only wearing black tracksuits and their faces are white. 

There were lots of energy in the group, they performed little stunts, acrobatic moves, break dance a little, and many more. Chibi Unity made the whole act look very unique and catchy. Howie said their dancing was “inspirational” and he loved the speed and dexterity.

Sofia said she was getting “goosebumps” while watching them. Simon said they were so “original” and “powerful” dance. Simon immediately called Terry and knew what they had to give and together all the judges and Terry gave this dance crew a golden buzzer. 

Achievements of Chibi Unity Troupe

Here are some of the notable achievements received by the Chibi Unity Group:-

  • They won first place at the VIBE Jrs Competition in Los Angeles for two years continuously 2018-2019
  • They were qualifiers for World of Dance 2020
  • First Place in Team Category in Global Dance Visual Competition 
  • Golden Buzzer Moment in America’s Got Talent 

Chibi Unity Troupe Member’s & Their Names

Yuta Nakamura and Sota Kawashima of the dance teams Ganmi and Chika founded Chibi Unity back in 2017. This dance group has been doing dance shows ever since then. Initially, the Chibi Unity Group was made up of 11 people from Niigata, Japan. They are members of Chronicle Dance Academy in Japan. As of now, that team of 11 has grown into a big family. 

When this group performed their audition on AGT season 18 it was Bunta who gave their introduction. While performing, he was joined by many other participants we are estimating 20+ people were present on the stage. Each of them gave their best performance and made their presence feel to all the people who were present in the hall. 

What’s Next After Winning Golden Buzzer? 

If any act receives a Golden Buzzer, then that particular contestant moves automatically into the live shows, regardless of the opinion of the other judges. So, Chibi Unity Group will not need to perform any other rounds of America’s Got Talent. 

Currently, this amazing dance group is practicing for their final show on America’s Got Talent. 

Chibi Group Appearance on Other Shows 

Here are some of the appearances they made on other shows:-

  • BodyRock Jr in 2018
  • VIBE Jrs Competition 2018 and 2019
  • World of Dance 
  • Global Dance Visual Competition 
  • America’s Got Talent season 18 

Chibi Unity Founders 

This dance group was formed back in 2017 and have appeared on many popular stages. Interestingly, this dance group even impressed Jennifer Lopez on the fourth season of NBC’s World of Dance. 

It was in 2017 when Yuta Nakamura and Sota Kawashima from the dance teams GANMI and CHIKA respectively formed this group.

Q1. Who is the Japanese dance group Chibi Unity? 

Ans: They are a Junior Division fusion crew from Japan. Initially, this group was started with 11 young kids but, that family has grown. Over the years, this dance group has performed on many dance competitive stages.