Reilly Smedley: The Youngest Contestant on Big Brother 25

Contestants are what played a major role in the huge success of Big Brother. It is because of them the show has created a huge fan base. Similarly, one of the contestants who is present in the 25th season of Big Brother is Reilly Smedley.

She is definitely one of the youngest participants in the 25th edition of Big Brother. Her appearance and gesture in the latest season of Big Brother have caught lots of attention from the fans of the show. 

Now, further in this article, we will talk quite a lot about the beautiful contestant Reilly Smedley’s net worth, early life, journey on big brother, and many more.

Reilly Smedley Biography & Early Life

NameReilly Smedley
Age24 years old (Born on August 2, 1999)
Current ResidenceNashville
FamilyFather: Howard Smedley (deceased due to cancer)
Mother: Not mentioned
Sister: Chloe Smedley
Estimated Net Worth$500,000 (from bartending)
Potential Prize$750,000 (if she wins the 25th season)
Social Media PresenceInstagram (private account)
Instagram Followers4,583
Instagram Following922
Winning AttitudeBecame the Head of Household in the 25th season
Future ProjectsUncertain, focus on “Big Brother” season 25
Reilly Smedley Bio

Reilly Smedley is one of the best contestants in the latest season of Big Brother. This beautiful contestant was born on August 2, 1999, and is currently 24 years old. Her hometown is Portland where she was born as well but, she currently lives in Nashville.

When it comes to her childhood days, they were just like any other kids. She finished her schooling in her hometown only and was bright in her academics.

Reilly Smedley Sister, Hometown & Boyfriend (Relationship)

Prior to joining the 25th season of Big Brother, she bartended. Bartending is her profession which she does in Nashville. When it comes to her family, we do not know anything about her mother but, her father’s name is Howard Smedley. Unfortunately, there is some news that he was a victim of cancer and could not resist it and died. Other than them, she has an elder sister, Chloe Smedley. 

Moreover, her early life and background are very simple. As she lost her father, she is now quite focused on the 25th season of Big Brother and is hoping to win the finale of the show. Many fans of the show have seen great potential in Reilly Smedley as she is doing all the tasks and challenges quite beautifully and easily. 

The Drama Unfolds: Highlights of “Big Brother” Season 25 Premiere

The latest season of Big Brother aired its first and most amazing season for all the fans and critics out there. All the fans met the contestants who will be seen on this special edition of Big Brother and all of them looks good for the show. 

The ninety-minute show revealed all the contestants and some amazing twists and turns which were highly appreciated by all the fans and critics out there. Before the show started the night began with a montage of some iconic clips from the previous seasons of the show. The clip surely made some of the fans and contestants present in the 25th season motivated.

Reilly Smedley’s Journey to Becoming the Head of Household

In the very first stages of its first episode, eight contestants were revealed. Among the eight contestants, Reilly Smedley was present. Everyone’s introduction was read by the host of the show. Reilly Smedley’s introduction was that she is not shy about being open to a showmance with a ‘muscular brunette’ man.

Further, we saw Julie making fou groups of houseguests and directing them toward the backyard where they all found four competitions. The four competitions which were revealed to all the contestants represented the four universes of the multiverse.

The name of these four competitions were Comicverse, Scaryverse, Scrambleverse, and Humuliverse. Reilly chose to go to the Scaryverse competition where Red, Cory, and Luke were present. 

Before the first competition started Julie warned all the contestants that this game is not for the Head of Household competition. The fourth competition was Scaryverse’s. It was where all the players in this universe had to prevent monster hands from dragging them away from their perch.

Now, the first person who will be dragged out first will be the final nominee and that person will be ‘disappearing into the nether region’ for an undeclared time. It was Cory who was the fourth nominee from the group. 

We all know, Big Brother is full of twists and turns as Scramble-verse twisted the game more. Interestingly, week 1 nominees were named before the first Head of Household (HOH) was crowned. It was Reilly Smedley who was crowned the Head of Household of the season. 

In the very first season, we saw Jared, Felicia, Kirsten, and Cory from each group who became the first four nominees of the season. Interestingly, this first competition in Big Brother involved something physical because after it was over Blue Kim’s foot got stuck and she hurt her elbow. So Reilly Smedley was given the HOH position. 

Reilly Smedley’s Net Worth in 2023: Bartending and Beyond

Prior to joining Big Brother, Reilly Smedley used to work as a Bartender. Her income source is only from bartending and nothing else. Whatever income she has, it is all from bartending. 

Her estimated net worth is $500k which she gets from bartending. If she becomes the winner of this 25th season of Big Brother then she will receive a huge USD 7,50,000 prize from the officials of the show. 

Social Media Presence: A Peek into Reilly’s Private Life

Reilly Smedley is one of those women who is not very active on different social media platforms. She has an Instagram account that is made private, so if you are willing to know about her daily life updates, blogs, and latest details regarding Big Brother through her Instagram channel then you are required to follow her first. If she accepts your follow request then you will be able to see whatever she posts in her feed and her stories. 

Reily Smedly Instagram Account

On her Instagram account, she only has uploaded 62 posts which is quite unnatural for a beautiful girl like her. Today, women of her age are active and made their presence on more than one social media platform. On the other hand, Reilly Smedley has 4583 followers and she is following only 922 people on her Instagram account. 

Reilly Smedley’s Personal Life and Interests

When it comes to the personal life of Reilly Smedley, she is quite private about it. We all know, she has not many posts about her daily life or life before Big Brothers on her Instagram account. But, if we look at her Instagram bio, we can totally relate that she loves her work and her workplace.

Reilly’s Winning Attitude: What Sets Her Apart in “Big Brother” Season 25

Bartending is something Reilly Smedley is passionate about. She has even shared the official Instagram page of where she works. It seems like she loves her work very much but, other than her regular work she also wants to achieve something different in her life by winning the latest season of Big Brother.

A little glimpse of her winning attitude can already be seen from the very first episode of Big Brother season 25. As that is one of the reasons why she has become Head of Household on the very first episode of the show. 

Looking Ahead: Future Prospects for Reilly Smedley

Reilly Smedley is surely a futuristic person and that is one of the reasons why she is on Big Brother season 25 today. Unfortunately, we do not know if she has any future projects coming for her as of today but, if she happens to win Big Brother season 25 then there will be lots of opportunities waiting for her in the future. 

As of now, her primary focus will only be on the upcoming new episodes of Big Brother. Winning Big Brother will give her a good breakthrough for future projects and endeavors.

Fan’s Frequently Answered Questions

What is the age of Reilly Smedley?

Reilly Smedley is just 24 years old which makes her the youngest contestant on Big Brother.