The Voice is surely one of the most amazing singing competition platforms that the world has ever seen. Its franchising in different parts of the world has created and generated lots of opportunities not only for the winners but, for the other participants as well.

The Voice Australia singing competition series premiered on the Nine Network back in 2012. Yes, the singing competitive franchise has been coming up with a series of new participants every season ever since. The fans and critics of the show have seen lots of potential participants who have won and are doing very well in the current Australian musical industry today.

The unique concept or format of this singing show was appreciated by many viewers across the globe. On the other hand, we surely cannot forget the judges who have made their appearances since the very first season of this singing competition show. 

Now, many people wonder what is the impact of the winners on The Voice Australia. One must know, all the winners of The Voice Australia are doing very well in their life. Interestingly, they are putting a good impact on the Australian musical industry as well. Moreover, we can say that The Voice Australia franchise is the one who is responsible for creating some of the biggest chart-toppers in the Australian music industry.

Many previous winners of this show have now become the household name because of their huge success and the achievements they are still receiving today. Further in this article, we will talk about all the winners of The Voice Australia and many more related to it. 

The Voice Au Winners of all season

Here are brief of each season winners of The Voice Australia and what are they up to as of today:-

Name Coach Award Net Worth Age Notable Projects Notable Peformances 
Karise Eden Team Seal$100,000$5 million31My Journey Hallelujah’ The Voice Final 
Harrison Craig Team Seal$100,000$22 million28Unchained Melory Sings ‘Unchained Melody
Anja$100,000$1-5 million27The Voice Finale I’m so excited featuring
Ellie Drennan Jessie J$100,000$5-8 million24Close Your Eyes- Album Take It All 
Alfie Arcuri Delta Goodrem$100,000$1-5 million35The Voice FinaleBuona Sera 
Judah Kelly Delta Goodrem$100,000$8 million26Tennessee Whiskey Ready- debut single 
Sam Perry Kelly Rowland $100,000$2.5 million33Moment bends Praise You X Stronger
Diana Rouvas Boy George $100,000$1-5 million39Can we Make Heaven- Album I Will Always Love You-Grand Finale 
Chris Sebastian Team Kelly $100,000$20 million35Titanium-top song Numb- The Voice Finale 
Bella Taylor SmithGuy Sebastian $100,000$5 million24Everybody Hurts Higher 
Lachie Gill Team Rita $100,000NA23Hate that you hurt Wasted Time
The Voice Au previous year winners of all seasons

Season 1 Winner: Karise Eden’s Journey and Notable Work

From a very young age, Eden and her sister were part of a foster aunt and uncle program. At the age of 12, she saw a Janis Joplin documentary on television and realized that she could easy tones in her voice. Her uncle Frank taught her about music and how to play guitar. Her debut single “You Won’t Let Me” is one of her most notable works after The Voice Australia.

Season 2 Winner: Harrison Craig’s Success and Chart-Toppers

The second season of The Voice Australia was won by Harrison Craig. When he was six years old, his father left the family.

Prior to joining The Voice Australia, Craig completed his VCE at Sandringham College and he was the Music Captain there. He has three songs on the ARIA Singles Chart top 10 with his cover of “Unchained Melody” at the second spot.

Season 3 Winner: Anja Nissen’s Rise to Stardom and Notable Songs

Throughout high school, she was a part of the Talent Development Program and she competed in a number of singing competitions. At the age of 12, she even made it to the semi-finals of the famous show, Australia’s Got Talent.

Soon after she won The Voice, she was the support act for Olly Murs on his Australian Never Been Better tour. Some of her most notable songs are Where I Am, Tears Ago, I Have Nothing and many more. 

Season 4 Winner: Ellie Drennan, The Youngest Champion’s Achievements

Interestingly, she is the youngest winner of The Voice Australia. She was a team member of Jessica Ellen Cornish. After winning the fourth season she returned to The Voice Australia one year later and gave a surprise or special performance to her fans and viewers of the show.

She did this for her new single, Hard Love and it surely did receive lots of appreciation from listeners across the globe and her country.

Season 5 Winner: Alfie Arcuri’s Chart Success and Eurovision Journey

He was born to an Italian family but, grew up in Camden, New South Wales. It was in 2013, he revealed to his parents that he was gay. His debut studio album was Zenith and it was released in 2016 and it peaked at number 5 on the ARIA Charts. 

Season 6 Winner: Judah Kelly’s Notable Performances and Debut Single

Judah completed his school at Queens Beach State School in Bowen Queensland. During his school days, he became a part of the school choir. He even attended the Junior Academy of Country Music in Tamworth, New South Wales. Some of his notable songs are Nothing Makes Sense, You Woke Me Up, The Climb, and many more.

He is an Australian singer and a looping artist who won The Voice Australia 2018. In 2013, he was scouted for Onyx Productions’ live theatre stunt show 360 Allstars- Urban Circus.

One year later, he premiered a non-stop vocal soundscape titled The World Is.. at the Perth Fringe World Festival. Some of his famous songs are When Doves Cry, Escapee, Heart It Races, and many more.

Season 8 Winner: Diana Rouvas’ Music Career and Notable Album

She was born on 29 January 1984 and started her vocal training at age four and started writing at age eight. She reached to the USA at 16 to pursue her music career as a singer-songwriter. In 2019, she won The Voice Australia against Daniel Shaw and teamed up with Boy George.

Immediately after her finale, she released her debut single “Wait for no one”. Unfortunately, it failed into the ARIA top 500. 

Season 9 Winner: Chris Sebastian’s Notable Works and Musical Journey

Christopher Troy Sebastian was born on 2nd August 1988 and moved from Adelaide to Melbourne for his music career. He did join the first season of The Voice Australia but, he got eliminated from the competition. Some of his notable works are Like it Like That, Conscious, Closer to the Sun, and many more.

Season 10 Winner: Bella Taylor Smith’s Albums and Musical Career

There are not many details revealed about her personal life but, she has released lots of albums in her career. She won the tenth season under Guy Sebastian. Some of her notable albums are Tell Me How You Really Feel? The Complete Collection, Look Me in the Eyes, and a few more. 

Season 11 Winner: Lachie Gill’s Successes and Notable Tracks

He is an Australian singer-songwriter. For the last season of the show, he received a label deal with Universal Music Australia. He was under Team Rita at the last season where he won the show. Some of his famous songs are Right People Wrong Time, Hate That You Hurt, Sad Summer, Belong, and many more.

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The Voice Au Most Successful Winners: Harrison Craig, Ellie Drennan, and Alfie Arcuri

Here are the most successful winners of The Voice Australia:-

Harrison Craig

After he won the second season, he soon released a couple of singles, with his version of Uncharted Melody. Interestingly, most of them reached number two in the charts. This huge achievement was followed by the original More than a Dream, which again peaked at number three.

Harrison Craig received huge fans the moment he gave his blind auditions. Harrison released Kings of Vegas one of his famous albums in 2016. 

Ellie Drennan

She was the youngest winner of The Voice back in 2015 only 16 years old. She did get a shaky start after winning The Voice Australia but, her debut single, Ghost sold 6,000 copies very soon. After this hit song, she released another single, Hard Love which she promoted on The Voice Australia’s platform. This song of hers peaked at number 41 on the charts. 

Alfie Arcuri 

Alfie Arcuri made headlines when he won The Voice Australia becoming the first openly gay contestant to win the show. He soon released his debut studio album, Zenith which then peaked at number five on ARIA charts. Other than this, he competed in Eurovision Australia in 2019 and was placed fifth on the show.