Scream is one of the favorite film franchises for horror lovers. Scream made its debut in Hollywood back in the year 1996 and soon after its release the movie became an instant hit. Several legendary and veteran actors and actresses is a part of this horror/mystery franchise. The first movie in the ‘Scream’ franchise was loved not only by the viewers but critics had received it well. IMDb has rated it 7.4/10 which is quite a decent rating. The movie was directed by Wes Craven and had a box office earning of $173 million.

Currently, the latest addition of the horror/mystery franchise ‘Scream VI’ was released this year. This means that the movie series has already got six parts released successfully but the question arises whether the production team will bring in another additional movie to this successful horror franchise.

Is Scream Season 7 Confirmed?

All six parts of the movie series hit the theaters at some interval. The first three parts of the movie series was released with one, and three years time gap. The fourth part, on the other hand, began production and was released after almost eleven years and same goes with the fifth one as well. The time line of the movie release pattern seems to be quite inaccurate because of some unknown reasons. 

The sixth part of the horror/mystery franchise released recently and it is quite hard to tell about the renewal status of an additional movie in the horror franchise. As the Scream franchise progressed with an additional movie, the fans and viewers witnessed that there were fresh faces in the movie and also different directors took their role in different parts. 

Paramount is the official distribution channel of the Scream movies and currently they do not have any official or confirmed news about the 7th part. Scream VI was confirmed last year in the month of Feb which was only a month after the release of Scream V. The pattern seems quite obvious now that fans would have to at least wait till April to get some news from Paramount. 

Scream Season 7 Potential Release Date: When Will The Show Return?

Scream is a horror/mystery movie series/franchise that gained instant reputation in the world of entertainment with the release of its very first part back in the year 1996. Ever since all the six parts has been released at irregular intervals it has been quite difficult to predict about the potential release date of its additional part. As of now, even the news about the confirmation of the 7th part hasn’t been confirmed from the official distribution network, Paramount. 

However, looking at the release dates of the previous two movies of the horror film series fans could expect a potential release date next year in 2024 only after the next part gets a green lit from Paramount within next month. It is also possible that senior actors those who have always been a part of the film series will be busy with other projects so the next part will not be happening anytime soon.

Scream Season 7 Possible Cast

The sixth part of Scream has just released in the theaters and fans are already beginning to expect the storyline and cast for the next movie. Like it was mentioned earlier that the 7th part has still not been confirmed but fans can guess that the previous casts would be back in the next part reprising their roles. 

The selection of casts has been brilliant so far because several veteran actors have been a part of the movie series. However, the 7th part (only if it gets a green signal) might bring back Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Hayden Panettiere, Samara Weaving, Courtney Cox, and many more at their respective roles. 

Fans will also be happy to see some fresh faces in the additional movie. It will only bring more suspense and also be a piece of surprise for them when they witness different characters in the big screen.

Scream Season 7 Plot

The ending of Scream VI do not reveal much about the continuation of the same story in the next part. This means that the next part could be an independent movie with similar story as the movie franchise had before in its previous movie parts. Characters Sam and Tara was seen to have killed the Ghostfaces and Sam, on the other hand, lets Tara live her life happily. Tara, on the other hand, says that she is going to go for therapy due to the trauma that she faced while dealing with Ghostface. 

In case there is a next part, then it is likely that Ghostface will be coming back and will be looking for revenge on Sara and Tara. If the director for the next part can work some magic then the next part is going to be the best movie in the franchise so far. However, let us hope that the next part gets a greenlight from Paramount soon.

Scream 7 Audition & Casting Call

Scream 7 audition has not yet begun because Paramount has yet to release an official statement about the renewal status of the an additional movie. However, interested actors those who want to be a part of the next movie can be updated on different social media platforms by following Paramount. Paramount might post an update about the auditions and casting call for the next movie of the horror/mystery franchise.


Scream movie series has so far did an excellent work by providing entertaining movies that the viewers would love to watch. Directors of each movie did an amazing job by making the type of movie that fans would want to watch only in the big screen therefore making it possible for the movie to earn more in the box office collection. The additional movie (only if it gets a green signal) is going to be a edge of the seat experience for most movie lovers because the story has become exciting.