Reality series that is based on dating are no doubt very attractive. Similarly, Love is Blind, the dating reality television series is a very attractive dating reality show. The show has aired four successful seasons so far for audiences and critics around the world. Now, people are slightly concerned about the release date of the next season of this famous dating reality show.

LIB Season 5 Release Date 

Now, the fourth season of Love is Blind premiered on March 24, 2023. It has been only two days since the fourth season premiered to the world. If you are expecting the premiere date for its next season, then it cannot happen anytime soon. So, we would request all the fans and critics to have patience until the shoot and official release date for the upcoming season are revealed by the officials of the show.

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Will there be Love is Blind Season 5? 

The fourth season of Love is Blind is currently airing on the official broadcasting channel. With no doubt, we can say that Love is Blind has proved to be one of the favorite Netflix shows of all time. Now, there is a piece of great news for the fans and lovers of the Love is Blind dating reality series.

Back in March 2022, when Netflix confirmed that the fourth season of Love is Blind is given a green signal, they also announced the fifth season of the show. The officials did not reveal many details related to Love is Blind Season 5 but, it’s confirmed that the fifth season will return. 

As of now, we are expecting nothing but, some new plot for the fifth season of Love is Blind. We can also hope that the next season will be shot in a new and beautiful location just like its previous four seasons. 

LIB S5 Announced? 

We might not have a whole picture related to the fifth season of Love is Blind but, one thing is for sure and that is Love is Blind season five is happening. During the renewal of the fourth season of Love is Blind, the confirmation for the fifth season was given by Netflix to the world. 

Previously, Netflix did announce that the fifth season of Love is Blind is officially in the works. We have not got any official updates from Netflix yet. But, it was great for Netflix to officially confirm two new seasons at once. Interestingly, Vanessa Lachey told E! News in Spring 2022 that the filming for Love is Blind season five is in the works.

Now, according to Vanessa, we can be quite sure that, the filming for season five might have been completed by now. Moreover, the official announcement for the fifth season has not been done by Netflix. It is yet to be confirmed by the officials. 

Love is Blind Season 5 Storyline 

For the upcoming season, Love is Blind is likely to feature thirty singles. All of these singles will be looking for their perfect partners. We will see love triangles, awkward encounters, and public displays of affection in season five.

Other than that, we can expect the same old traditional format of the reality dating game show. Men and women will date each other in purpose-built pods for ten days. In these pods, couples will talk to each other through a speaker and are not allowed to see each other. As the episodes go by, we will experience issues such as finances, personal habits, recreation, and many more. 

Love is Blind Expected Release Date 

If we go according to Vanessa, then Love is Blind does not take one year to complete its shootings. If some changes are made to the upcoming plot then there could surely be a delay in either filming or the official release date announcement. 

Normally, lots of preps go to shoot an episode or a whole season of Love is Blind. After the preps are completed then the original shoot starts, and once they start the shoots are completed pretty early. Interestingly, timelines are given to shoot in pods. The maximum time given is a week inside a pod in Mexico or could be in a resort somewhere else.

Then again all the participants go back to where they live before the weddings and it takes more or less four to six weeks. Moreover, Netflix could give a huge surprise to the fans of Love is Blind for the fifth season. But, until then we have to be patient and wait for the official release date from Netflix. 

Is Love is Blind Season 5 confirmed?

Netflix has renewed the LIB or season 5 & is expected to get released till end of 2023.

Is Netflix casting for LIB 5?

As of now, their is no such confirmed information but filming for the new season hasn’t started yet.