Australian Idol is still the most original music show that deliberately creates superstars and continues to evolve to allow true artists to succeed in this unique profession. The chemistry and passion Harry Connick Jr, Kyle Sandilands, Amy Shark, and Meghan Trainor bring are second to none. We couldn’t be more joyful that they are returning for this iconic 8th season in search of Australia’s freshest new talent.

Australian Idol Finalist

Following an exciting weekend of performances, Australian Idol viewers have cast their votes and selected the top three contestants: 23-year-old Royston Sagigi-Baira, 15-year-old Phoebe Stewart, and 20-year-old Josh Hannan. These talented performers have captured the hearts of dedicated fans and impressed judges with their exceptional singing abilities.

The competition is now fiercer than ever, and all eyes are on these three contestants as they compete for the ultimate title of Australian Idol season 8 champion.

Well, many fans were desperately waiting for Australian Idol premier 2023, Australian Idol season 8 judges, and Australian Idol cast 2023. Here we have collected all these details for you. Just keep on scrolling your screen & get most of it.

Australian Idol Finalist: Who will perform in Grand Finale?

During the last show of the elimination rounds, three out of six contestants were eliminated from the show & it was finally declared who will be the finalist of Australian Idol 2023. Here is the list of Finalists who will be performing in the Grand Finale :

  1. Phoebe Stewart
  2. Royston Sagigi Biara
  3. Ben Sheehy

Australian Idol Judges Season 8

Here is the list of judges for the 2023 season of Australian Idol:

  • Harry Connick Jr
  • Kyle Sandilands
  • Amy Shark
  • Meghan Trainor

Australian Idol top 6 Contestants season 8

Sr. No.ContestantInstagram
1Anya Hynninenanyaalchemy
2Amali Dimondamali.dimond
3Royston Sagigi-Bairaroystonnoell
4Ben Sheehybensheehymusic
5Sash Seabourne (Eliminated from top 10)sash.seabourne
6Phoebe Stewartphoebe___stewart
7Harry Hayden (Eliminated from top 10)harryhaydennn
8Josh Hannanjoshhannanmusic
9Noora H (Eliminated from Top 8)noorahsinging
10Angelina Curtis (Eliminated from Top 8)angelina_curtis_official
List of Top 6 Australian Idol Contestants 2023

Australian Idol Top 6 Elimination Tonight

On a recent episode of Australian Idol, the nation voted for its Top 6 contestants in a tense night of voting. Josh Hannan, who was safe from elimination, joined the other contestants in a group performance before the verdict was announced. However, the judges were critical of the voting results, with Kyle Sandilands branding the decision as a “massive mistake.”

Amali Dimond, who placed in the bottom four, was the first to take the stage and performed “Secret Love Song” by Little Mix. Angelina Curtis followed with a moving performance of “Talking to The Moon” by Bruno Mars. Noora H then belted out Sia’s “Chandelier,” prompting judge Amy Shark to express her excitement to the audience.

Phoebe Stewart was the final singer for the night and impressed the judges and audience with a powerful performance of The Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name.” The four contestants waited anxiously on stage for the verdict, but unfortunately, Noora and Angelina were eliminated from the competition, leading to tears and disappointment.

Australian Idol season 8 Comeback

Australian Idol is celebrating its comeback after 14 years halt is back (as of Jan 30), with Harry Connick Jr, Kyle Sandilands, Amy Shark, and Meghan Trainor as judges, and Ricki-Lee Coulter and Scott Tweedie as hosts. This time Australian Idol has been picked up by Seven Network & all the rights have been transferred from Network 10.

Who is going to host AI season 8?

The current season of Australian Idol will be hosted by Ricki-Lee Coulter and Scott Tweedie.

Where can I watch Australian Idol season 8?

The eighth season of AI could be watched live on Seven Network.

Who will be the Australian Idol Winner?

Most probably, Royston Sagigi Biara is going to win the show as the singer has received a lot of applause from the audience through voting as well as judges.