The Summer I Turned Pretty became famous only because of its amazing cast selection. It seems like the officials of the show are quite strictly selecting their cast.

The second season of Summer I Turned Pretty started airing on July 14 and it will end on August 18, 2023. But, the most exciting news for all the fans out there is Prime Video has already announced third season of Summer i Turned Pretty through its official Instagram account.

Basic details for the SummerI Turned Pretty audition process like location, skills, and even deadline has been revealed. So, yes if you are an aspiring actor looking for a chance to make a breakthrough in your career then this might be the right time for it. 

Are They Casting For New Roles?

The production team has revealed crucial details regarding casting for new roles and the kind of actors they have requirements for. The team is looking for paid background to work and candidates applying for the position must be fully vaccinated and must carry proof of it. There is an age criteria but applicants must be local to the Wilmington area and must possess acting skills. 

The third season has been renewed and is expected to be released sometime in July 2024. Since the second season is ongoing as fresh new episodes are being released periodically it seems that the production for the third season has not started yet and is expected to begin soon.  

Interested and aspiring actors who wish to be a part of the upcoming season can get in touch with their agents to get a chance to audition for a new role. Interested actors may also follow all the official social media pages of the series to know the latest information about casting new roles. It is possible that the official social media pages will reveal such details soon. 

How Can I Be In Summer I Turned Pretty Auditions Season 3?

To be in the audition process one must apply for the auditions first online. is a website where candidates can apply for the required role. Once candidates click on the ‘Apply Now’ button then a new page will pop up asking candidates to register themselves on the platform. Once you have registered yourself successfully then you will be able to apply for the audition process. 

Since the series has been renewed for yet another season, it means that there is a high chance that there will also be the addition of new faces and you may audition for it once again for the new season. But, on the other hand, you should also consider contacting the casting team via social media or through emails in case you can manage to arrange those. 

Application Process and Requirements for Summer I Turned Pretty Auditions Season 3

The casting team is looking for new background workers. The application process is completely online but the audition process could be in a North Carolina, Wilmington area location. You can visit the above-mentioned website to register and apply for the audition process.

Normally, the official social media pages of the series is a place where all such details are revealed. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook because the team may reveal/post posters about the casting process for their upcoming season. 

The requirements are as follows:

  • Applicants must have amateur-level acting skills
  • Must be fully vaccinated and must carry proof for the same
  • Must send a recent photo, along with the full name, age, height, weight, and phone number
  • Any gender can apply 
  • Experience required level: Amateur 

How To Connect With Summer I Turned Up Pretty Casting Call Team?

You may not be able to connect with the casting call team directly but if you message them then there may be someone who will respond to your queries in case you’re lucky.

It is also possible that the casting team has already decided whom to onboard for their upcoming season and therefore you may not get the chance to even audition for the upcoming season.

But, you can follow the official social media pages where the series has done its marketing and you can message them that you are interested in a role in the upcoming season and wait for a reply.

How to Apply for the Summer I Turned Pretty Auditions?

The application process to apply for any role at Summer I Turned Pretty is very easy. Here is how one can apply for the show:-

  • Applicants are required to visit or simply click 
  • After you have visited this link all the roles, responsibilities, and the details will be available make sure to read them very carefully 
  • If you scroll down below then you will get separate tabs for roles and responsibilities which you can apply separately by clicking on the “Apply Now” button 
  • After you press on it a different page will open where you need to register on the official website 
  • After your registration has been completed, the official application form will pop up which needs to be filled very carefully 
  • Recheck all the details before you submit your application 


Getting onboard as one of the casts in a series may be difficult as there are many actors who would be suitable to select by the casting team. This is because there is massive competitiveness which only makes the chances of getting onboard slimmer.

But, this does not mean you do not deserve a chance because if you have got the acting skills then you should get a chance to showcase your talent. If you are lucky and the casting team decides to hire for a new role then you should go for it.