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From the shores of Gold Coast, Queensland emerges Christian Ellis, a bellboy turned vocal sensation. His odyssey began at 14 with a life-altering accident, but music’s intervention rewrote his destiny. Bravery defined him as he defied doctors’ predictions, undergoing surgery that defied paralysis.

NameChristian Elliss
BackgroundFormer bellboy from Gold Coast, Queensland
Singing JourneyStarted at 14, after a life-altering accident; used music as a lifeline during recovery; played guitar in the hospital; defied paralysis through surgery
PerformanceAuditioned on “The Voice AU” with Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best”; self-taught artist; nerves and passion during the performance
Audience ReactionSynchronized claps and connection with the audience; connection beyond applause
Judges’ Turned ChairsJessica Mauboy, Jason Derulo, Rita Ora
Christian Elliss The Voice
Different poses of christian Elliss

Fast forward six years and Christian’s mesmerizing voice resonates with millions, a testament to his spirit. Childhood music evolved into a lifeline during his recovery; the strum of his hospital bedside guitar kindled hope and strength.

Fuelled by a determination to walk again, music has accompanied him in his lowest of times. This symphony of courage and melody defines his narrative, an inspiration to all who hear his story, from bell-boy to maestro.

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Christian Elliss “Simply the Best” Blind Audition

During the blind audition, christian ellis hummed the rendition of Tina Turner’s iconic tune, “Simply The Best.” Despite lacking any formal musical training, Christian’s nerves were palpable. Yet, his passion and dedication as a self-taught artist carried him through.

As the melody filled the air, something magical happened. The audience responded with synchronized claps, forming an unspoken connection between Christian and his song.

However, the true test lay beyond the applause – securing the turned chairs of the coaches.

Jessica Mauboy became the first to turn her chair, her eyes reflecting sheer captivation with Christian’s voice. Jason Derulo and Rita Ora followed suit.

But this story runs deeper than a mere talent show. It’s about Christian’s unwavering spirit and his steadfast friendship with music, a companion that has been a source of solace during his most challenging moments.

Jason’s Enthusiastic Nod for Christian Elliss

Jason Derulo: Jason was highly impressed by christian elliss’s poise during the intense no-chair turn moment, waiting patiently until the coaches recognized his talent.

Jason commended the strength of Christian’s performance, noting the confidence he exuded on stage. With enthusiasm, Jason expressed his desire to welcome Christian as a valuable addition to Team Jason, considering him the perfect finishing touch.

Christian Elliss : Rita’s Heartful Call

Rita Ora: Rita kicked off her remarks with a lighthearted connection, mentioning that she shares a birthday with Tina Turner.

In a more sincere tone, Rita conveyed her deep admiration for Christian’s performance, describing herself as a genuine fan. She extended an earnest invitation to Christian, expressing her eagerness to have him join her team. 

Jessica’s Soulful Pick as Christian Elliss

Jessica Mauboy: Jessica celebrated christian ellis’s rendition of the song, highlighting his unique version that showcased his distinctive style. She applauded his bold and spirited approach to the performance, recognizing his exceptional vocal prowess.

Overflowing with praise, Jessica made her desire clear, emphasizing how much she values Christian’s soulful artistry and expressing her hope to mentor him.

All the coaches tried their best to convince Christian, but in the end, he joined Team Jason.