About the powerhouse Duo, Bio, Background, Age, Singing Journey

In a symphony of talent, season 12 of – The Voice Australia has introduced us to an extraordinary sibling duo: Tee and Raya, who have captured the nation’s heart. 

Tea, known as Ofisa Tee Toleafoa, is a New Zealand-born Australian singer. He is 33 years old and currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria.

Tee & Rayee Post Audition Expression on The voice

Raye, born Rachel Alapati, is also 33 years old and currently lives in Sydney, New South Wales.

Tee and Raye have been raised together and have been singing since their childhood. The duo’s vocal ability and shared passion for music promise a long journey that resonates with the Australian culture.

Performance at The Voice Auditions

The duos’ standout moment in their singing career came during the blind Audition in The Voice Australia. The sibling duo, during their auditions, performed the classic R&B song “Don’t Let Go” by En Vogue.

Their performance was so enchanting, influential, and emotionally charged that all four judges were forced to turn their chairs in a unanimous show of support. Furthermore, the standing ovation from the audience also highlighted the impact of their performance.

The Voice – Australia looks like the beginning of an exciting and promising journey for Tee and Raye. With their passion, intriguing vocal ability, and strong cultural connection, are already being loved by the fans.

What Judges said about this Powerhouse Duo siblings

Jason Derulo was quick to say that the sibling’s performance was amazing, displaying full of harmony and vibe, and in particular, praised Tee for his astonishingly wonderful range, respectfully saying that he was listening to a lady girl singing.

Jason’s admiration soared enough to point out that the experience was like hearing a seasoned artist performing at an esteemed awards ceremony. Jason extended an invitation to the duo to join his team, expressing his desire to harness their powerhouse talent for his own team’s advantage.

Rita Ora commented on Tee and Raye’s performance by stating that this is why she comes back to Australia year after year, as the country possesses the talent of another level which she is obsessed with.

Jessica Mauboy couldn’t conceal her amazement as she watched the performance unfold. She expressed her astonishment at the sheer vocal prowess displayed on stage, noting that having just one exceptional vocalist on a team is already impressive.

However, having two such remarkable talents was something that transcended even her expectations. Mauboy aptly described the performance as a seamless and dynamic showcase, where the harmonious interplay of voices resembled a smooth sailing journey through musical brilliance.

Taking his praise to greater heights, Guy Sebastian made an audacious assertion that each of the individual talents of Tee and Raye holds the potential to secure victory in “The Voice.”

However, their partnership amplifies their impact, and according to Sebastian, the addition of this powerhouse duo to any team would provide an immediate advantage in the competition. He also commended Tee individually for his exceptional abilities.

Which team they joined?

Tee and Raye joined Team Jason