Auditioning for The Voice Australia could be a tedious process as the volume of contestants applying for the singing competition show is huge. Even though the application process is completely online applicants do have to face a series of challenges.

It may not be easy to be equipped with the proper tools and machinery to submit a proper audition tape which only creates a sense of anxiety among applicants. It becomes quite difficult to remain calm and keep comfortable in these kinds of tense situations thinking about what the outcome would be.

Well, here in this article we will try to provide you a complete guide to audition for The Voice Australia 2024.

Is The Voice Australia Confirmed For 2024?

The Voice Australia has made a comeback with its 12th season this year premiering its very first episode on 7th August 2023. As of now, it would be quite early to make assumptions about the possible return of the show in 2024 but earlier this year there was some news saying that the team was interested to start auditions for The Voice Au 2024 soon enough.

If the Voice AU gets a renewal then it could be expected that the series will be coming back much sooner than we can ever expect. Some rumors have hinted that early casting could be in progress to bring the series early in 2024. 

The Voice Au Audition Date

Last year, The Voice Australia arrived quite early in the month of April as the series was renewed in October 2021 by Seven Network. The series has premiered its seasons mostly during the time between April to August every year and this year too they are moving with the same timeline which is in the month of August.

The application process starts a couple of months earlier before each season gets premiered. The official network releases official announcements for the same from time to time which makes it easier for interested applicants to apply for the show. The premiere date and as well as the venues for the last three seasons are as mentioned below:

Note: The application process is a long process which is why it must be done carefully. If required, check your details carefully before moving to each phase of the application process.

Season Premiere Date Venue 
Season 9 (2020)24th May 2020Bulldog Park Sydney 
Season 10 (2021)8th August 2021ITV Studios Australia 
Season 11 (2022)18th April 2022Fox Studios Australia 
The Voice Au Audition Dates & Venues

This year the series is coming back with its 12th season and is all set to premiere on August 7th. The filming for the blind auditions kicked off in May at Fox Studios in Sydney. The timeline seems to be quite inconsistent as some seasons premiered quite early while some were quite late. 

The Voice AU Audition Process for Season 13

The filming for blind auditions for every season is expected to start at least 2-3 months prior to the premiering date. Therefore, the dates for the application process have to start soon so that the timeline falls in place.

Due to the huge volume of applicants applying for the globally known singing competition show the auditions process is long. The blind auditions for season 12 which is premiering in August had kicked off in the month of May which is almost two months ago to its premiering date.

The same could be expected for the upcoming seasons as well. The auditions for The Voice AU 2024 is open and application forms can be filled in by applicants who wish to be a contestant in 2024.

The casting and audition process for The Voice AU 2024 is expected to take place soon since there are some rumors that the series will be getting an early 2024 premiere date. 

How To Apply For Voice Casting 2024? Application Process Explained 

To apply for the auditions follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below. 

  • First, applicants would have to visit the official website of The Voice Australia (The Voice Casting – Apply for The Voice and The Voice Generations)
  • The second step includes the applicants clicking on the ‘Apply For The Voice’ button that should be located almost on the center of the page. 
  • A new page will pop up with the application form. Applicants need to fill in with the basic details like first name, last name, email, password, and such. 
  • If you wish to register as a duo or trio then you would have to fill in separate forms for them as well. 
  • After filling the details for your partner(s) separately you will be asked to fill out some questions that concern the kind (genre) of music you sing. Other questions like do you have a day job, describe a day in your life, what are your passions other than music, who is your biggest inspiration, describe your greatest achievement, what craziest thing you’ve ever done, why do you want to apply for The Voice, and have you ever auditioned, and other such questions would be asked in this section. 
  • In the next phase of the application process, you would have to submit details about your social media. For example, a link to your Facebook account, Instagram etc.
  • In the next step, you will be asked details about online audition songs. Here you would have to put the song title name that you are going to sing in the audition. You also have to list out your favorite songs to sing (at least 5).
  • Now, the application process is almost complete because in the next step, you would have to upload a photo of yourself and a video of yourself singing a raw and unfixed vocal. The song may have music or may be accompanied by an instrument. The video should be no longer than 2 minutes and the file size should be 500 MB. 
  • If you are unable to upload the video you can paste a link for it. Once done you can now click on the ‘Submit’ button and wait for the response. 
  • In the end, you can take a printout of your application for future reference. 

Where are the auditions done for The Voice AU?

The audition process in the initial stages is completely online as applicants are required to submit a videotape while submitting the application form. The Blind Auditions, on the other hand, are held in a studio but the venue keeps changing every season. 

Where is the filming done for The Voice AU 2024?

The filming for the current season is being shot in Sydney. Contestants coming from far away will be provided accommodation during the duration of the filming process. If a contestant lives near Sydney then they may stay at their home until the later phases of the competition.