The Masked Singer is not like any other singing competition show in the world. It surely is a strange show but, one of the most interesting singing shows in the world. Every year we see a new face of celebrity coming on the stage and performing unknown songs for the viewers and judges of the show.

The Masked Singer Australia is an Australian reality television singing competition that first aired on September 23, 2019. This show is based on King of Mask Singer by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation and The Masked Singer by Fox.

Now, people have been wondering what is so famous about The Masked Singer Australia. You will not believe but, but this show became one of the heroes of Aussie television during the COVID-19 lockdown pandemic era. 

The show got its recognition and the viewers rose from this period. All the credit for its ample amount of entertainment goes to its hilariously silly yet nostalgic format. It surely amazed and entertained lots of people not only across the country but, across the globe.

That is one of the reasons why this show has become one of the most-watched shows on Aussie television. Popular celebrities might make their appearance in the show but, according to the rules and regulations, only one will be named the winner of that particular season. Further in this article, we will talk about all the winners of The Masked Singer Australia.

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All Season Winners of The Masked Singer Australia 

1Cody SimpsonCody Simpson won the debut season, performing as a robot.
2Bonnie AndersonBonnie Anderson won season 2, dressed as a Bushranger.
3AnastaciaAnastacia, an American superstar, won season 3 as a Vampire.
4Melody ThorntonMelody Thornton, formerly of Pussycat Dolls, won season 4 as Mirrorball.

So far The Masked Singer Australia has aired four successful seasons for all the fans and viewers. The show itself debuted during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been continuing ever since on Aussie televisions. Here are the winners for every season of The Masked Singer Australia:-

Season 1: Cody Simpson 

Cody Simpson is the very first winner of the debut singing series The Masked Singer Australia. Before making his stage appearance Cody Simpson becoming a robot gave a very silly explanation of why he chose to be a robot to perform on the stage.

The Masked Singer Au Winner

Moreover, all the judges and viewers inside the auditorium went crazy as soon as Cody Simpson stepped up on the stage. He immediately started singing along with some robotic moves which was perfectly syncing to the lyrics. 

Judges of the show desperately wanted to know who was behind that mask. Ever since Cody Simpson stepped up in the show, he has given amazing performances constantly. Many fans of the show believed that there was a winning moment within Cody Simpson.

Yes, he certainly took the title to himself and the runner-up position in the debut season was taken by Rob Mills as Wolf. Other than that, the third place was taken by Georgi Coghlan as Monster. Both of these contestants did participate amazingly, there is no doubt about that part. 

Season 2: Bonnie Anderson 

Many of her fans will have not guessed it but, The Neighbours star had a singing background. Interestingly, before appearing on The Masked Singer Australia, Bonnie Anderson had won Australia’s Got Talent as a youngster back in 2007.

In the grand finale of The Masked Singer season 2 Bonnie Anderson was dressed as a Bushranger and yes, it did look strange and weird. 

The Masked Singer Au Champion

The moment she came on the stage, all the judges present on the show stood up because of her amazing voice. She just moved all the people present in the auditorium and entertained them fully.

There were props around the platform which she utilized perfectly along with the song she chose. At the end of her performance, she even received a standing ovation from all the four judges of the show. 

This Bushranger came out first beating Kate Miller-Heidke who was dressed as The Queen and Eddie Perfect who was dressed as Frillneck. She kept every judge guessing who was under that helmet, and when the face was revealed everyone was surely shocked. Moreover, Bonnie Anderson surely deserved the second title of The Masked Singer Australia. 

Season 3: Anastacia 

We have heard lots of amazing songs from Anastacia. This American singer, songwriter, and former dancer won the third season of The Masked Singer Australia.

No one could believe when she was declared the winner of the third season. Interestingly, it is the very first season in the history of The Masked Singer Australia where an American superstar took home the trophy. 

The Masked Singer Au previous year Winner

In the finale of The Masked Singer Australia, Anastacia was dressed as a Vampire. We must say her costume was awesome. She was not only singing but, was dancing along the way.

Getting a standing ovation from the judges of the show was a must. Anastacia was declared the title winner beating some of the top competitors such as Em Rusciano as Dolly and Axle Whitehead as Mullet who were runner-up and third respectively. 

Other than her singing performance, the costume she wore was highly appreciated by all the viewers and fans. Anastacia looked happy and satisfied when she was declared the winner of the third season of The Masked Singer Australia. 

Season 4: Melody Thornton 

The fourth season is the latest season which was completed. The fourth season of the show started on August 7, 2022, and the finale took place on August 28, 2022. It premiered 11 episodes for the fans and viewers and on the last one Melody Thornton was declared the winner.

The Masked Singer Au Winner

She is another American singer and television personality who won the fourth season of The Masked Singer Australia. She became the second winner in the history of the show to take the trophy home. 

Many of you will know or recognize her from the former group Pussycat Dolls. Melody Thornton was dressed as Mirrorball in the grand finale of The Masked Singer Australia season 4. Ever since she made her appearance on the fourth season of the show, fans already knew that she gave hard competition to others and could be declared the winning title. 

She amazed the viewers and the judges as well who could not believe that under the mask it was Melody Thornton. She surpassed other famous singers such as Sheldon Riley who dressed as Snapdragon and Hugh Sheridan as Rooster. Sheldon Riley was the runner-up and Hugh Rooster was the third contestant of the fourth season of The Masked Singer Australia. 


These are the winners of all four amazing seasons of The Masked Singer Australia. Only one male has won the title so far and the rest were taken by female singers.

Moreover, every season that has aired was full of fun, laughs, emotion, and most importantly entertainment. Entertaining the crowd and the viewers is what matters for the officials of The Masked Singer Australia.