The Voice Australia 2023 has witnessed some of the best singing talents which only made tough decisions for the coaches to choose the best candidate. However, the show has advanced forward to its callback episode after finishing up with the blind auditions prior to that.

Well, things are going to take a major turn from here onwards as there is no room for error in this round. Coaches will be cutting their teams in half. Artists will be fighting in the singing competition in groups of three and only six will make it through the battles. The coaches will be facing impossible decisions at this stage.

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The Voice AU Callback Results

TeamAdvanced to Battle RoundEarned Ultimate CallbackDid Not Advance
GuyMarley Sola, BellaRobbieJaxson Cornwell
JasonMaree Mamalis, AndrewAlex JeansCharlette
RitaNyree, Elsa MarilynGezel BardossiSihana Haxhnikaj
JessicaDavid Aumua, GiaanThe BushwackersDan Daniels
The Voice Callback Results

Team Guy’s Callbacks : Marley Advances, Michaela Moves Forward, Libby Departs

The episode began with coach Guy Sebastian’s team. Guy Sebastian wanted the best for his team and made sure that his team gave a special performance up there on the stage.

Guy Sebastian split his team into four different groups where each group consisted of three artists each. Coming up first was Michaela Jayde, Marley Sola, and Libby Worboys.

Performance Recap: Michaela Jayde, Marley Sola, and Libby Worboys

Michaela Jayde started off the callbacks with the song ‘Natural Woman’ from Aretha Franklin. Her soulful voice wowed the judges as this performance felt something different from her.

Soon after her song was over then came Libby who came with a guitar and sang ‘Say A Little Prayer’ by Aretha Franklin. The song came rather emotionally from her and it was a good strategy to connect with the coaches and as well as the audiences. 

Soon after Libby was done then came Marley with the song, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ by Aretha Franklin. His song was sung slow too which again immediately impressed the coaches especially Rita Ora. The high and low tone was a perfect match for the song and soon after his performance coaches gave a standing ovation. 

Now, it was time to witness who will be going home, who will go straight to the battle rounds, and one who will have another chance to stay in the competition by participating in another callback round. Jessica Mauboy was too impressed with the artists, especially with Marley.

Rita Ora said ‘That was crazy’. She appreciated Michaela saying that her voice was very pure. Sebastian did not hesitate to keep his teammates motivated as he pointed out what each one of them was good at. 

Guy chose Marley who will be going straight to the battle round. Now, the remaining are Libby and Michaela. The artist that will be going to the ultimate callback that Guy Sebastian chose was Michaela Jayde after a stressful decision and sadly Libby headed home. 

Team Jason’s Callback : Spotlight on Maree Mamalis, Caitlyn Member, and Calista Nelmes

Jason’s team was next and we see Jason talking and conversing with his teammates. Even though Jason wanted to keep his team motivated, the callbacks were all about cutting a team in half which made the team nervous. Maree came up along with Caitylyn and Marista. Jason mentions that he grouped them together because they have got powerful voices.

Katy Perry Song Selections Highlight Artists’ Abilities

Jason gave them an array of songs from one of his favorite artists, Katy Perry. Jason’s team started off with Maree Mamalis with the song Dark Horse by Katy Perry. Her performance was something bit unique and yet she did not fail to impress the judges with her powerful voice. Jason Derulo even gave her a standing ovation. 

Up next was Caitlyn Member singing the song ‘The One That Got Away’ by Katy Perry. Caitlyn started off with a low note as audiences witnessed the soulful song from her voice. Ending it quite emotionally the coaches seemed impressed with her too.

Up next was Calista Nelmes singing the song ‘When I’m Gone’ by Katy Perry. She too kept it low and simple yet with a powerful voice that wowed the judges instantly. 

Jason seemed proud at the end of the performances. Guy said to Maree that he loved her performances who just nail a note in the middle of the note. Guy appreciated Calista as well for her voice. Rita Ora said to Calista that ‘It was fantastic’. Jason chose Maree who will be going straight  to the battles. It was a hard decision for Derulo to choose Calista instead of Caitlyn to send her to the ultimate callbacks. 

Team Rita’s Callbacks : Nyree, Ben, and Cruize Vie for the Next Stage

Coach Rita Ora was also seen talking to her teammates where she chose Nyree, Ben, and Cruize. Every team member seemed to panic and just wanted to get through to the battle stages. There was just a glimpse of each of the performers shown where we saw how talented each of the singers were and that it would be a competitive and tight competition on the stage.

Rita chose Bang Bang for Nyree, Ben Rita gave the song ‘Lovely’ by Billie Eilish, and to Cruize she gave ‘Eastside’ by Khalid and Benny Blanco. 

The competition started off with Nyree singing ‘Bang Bang’ by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. Nyree started off with a powerful voice which definitely everyone present in the room enjoyed. It pretty much seemed like that the song was perfect for Nyree as she enjoyed singing it.

Up next was Ben Esber with the song ‘Lovely’ by Khalid Ft. Billie Eilish. Started off with a low note which seemed quite emotional. The chorus was very emotional and powerful which the audiences enjoyed and cheered for throughout. 

Then came Cruize Karaitiana singing ‘Eastside’ by Benny Blanco Ft. Khalid. Cruise gave his own performance with his magical voice. He was really enjoying himself while singing the song. Coaches were impressed with how he had decided to put the song together. Well, now it was time to decide who will be staying and who will be leaving. 

Rita Ora’s Choices: Nyree Advances, Ben Earns Ultimate Callback

Coach Jessica appreciated how Nyree sang her song and mentioned that ‘you really delivered an amazing vocal’. Jason Derulo appreciated Ben for his performance while Rita had to make the ultimate choice. Rita chose Nyree going to the battle rounds. It was time to choose an artist for the ultimate callback round where she chose Ben and Cruize had to leave for home unfortunately. 

Team Jessica’s Callbacks : Heartfelt Performances and Jessica’s Difficult Decisions

Next up was the team of coach Jessica Mauboy where she put together David, Sean and Dan as her first team. Jessica seemed very proud of her team and thought that every artist was very talented. So, all in all, it was another tough competition among the three artists. 

The competition started off with artist David Aumua with the song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. David sang quite low with a pinch of high notes in it as well. The crowd cheered as he finished his performance.

Next up was Sean with the song, ‘Bruises’ by Lewis Capaldi. His voice was unique and the beautiful song seemed just like a beautiful cover. A beautiful performance was put up by him which gave chills to every person out there. 

Next came Dan Daniels with the song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ by Judy Garland. His low voice was loved by the coaches and as well as by the audience during his blind auditions and it was nothing different here as well. But, it was time for one of the artists to head towards home while the other two remained. 

Rita Ora commented on David’s performance saying that ‘I think you’re the strongest out of the three’. She says to Sean that his storytelling was the strongest out of the three and Dan was the most unique. Jessica chose David to go through the battles and Sean to the ultimate callbacks which meant that it was the end of the road for Dan. 

Team Rita’s Callbacks (Part 2) : Sihana Haxhnikaj, Elsa Marilyn, and Gezel Bardossi Impress

Rita chose Elsa, Gezel, and Sihana for The Callbacks round because she says that ‘they’re the youngest’ in the group. She thinks that the youngsters have the capability to put up a powerful performance out there on the big stage. Well, it was only a matter of time who would head towards home. 

The competition kicked off with artist Sihana Haxhnikaj with the song ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers. The youngster has a unique voice and started the song with a low tone.

Soon after her performance we see Elsa Marilyn take the stage singing the song ‘Songbird’ by Eva Cassidy. Her soulful voice gave a great performance. Up next was Gezel Bardossi singing the song ‘Mercy’ by Duffy.

Rita Ora’s Choices: Elsa Advances, Gezel Moves to Ultimate Callback

Well, it was not time to choose an artist who will be advancing to the battles. Rita chose Elsa to advance to the battle round and chose Gezel moving towards the ultimate callback round while Sihana had to head home. 

Team Jason’s Callbacks (Round 2) : Alex, Andrew, and Charlette Face Challenging Song Selections

Jason chose Alex, Andrew and Charlette as their next team to compete in the Callbacks. Jason chose these three together because they all are super unique. Coach Jason chose the song, ‘Bed of rose’ by Bon Jovi for Alex and ‘Bring Him Home’ by Les Miserables for Andrew and ‘Levitating’ by Dua Lipa for Charlette. 

Well, it was difficult for all of them to sing each of these songs as it was not at all easy. First came artist Alex Jeans starting with his song and of course his voice was magical.

Jason’s Tough Choices: Andrew Progresses, Alex Gets Ultimate Callback

His low and high notes gave an overall impressive performance to the song. Next up was Charlette who delivered not just a unique singing quality voice but an incredible dance as well.

Soon after her came Andrew who delivered a difficult piece. Crowd cheered for him as well as he continued to sing Bring Him Home by Les Miserables. Soon all the performance came to an end. It was a unique experience.

Jessica was impressed with all of them. Jason chose Andrew straight to the battle round. Alex remained for the ultimate callbacks while Charlette had to head home. 

Team Jess’s Callbacks (Round 2) : Giaan, The Bushwackers, and Tiarose Bring Their Best

Jessica Mauboy put Giaan, The Bushwackers and Tiaras in a team for the callbacks. She said that each artist had a unique vocal and that it was unique as well.

The song given to Giaan was ‘Run to Paradise’ by The Choirboys while Tiarose received the song ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ by Olivia Newton-John and The Bushwackers got the song ‘Solid Rock’ by Goanna. 

Jessica’s Decisions: Giaan Advances, The Bushwackers Earn Ultimate Callback

First came was Tiarose Burgess who kicked off with a high note and with a lot of confidence in it as well. Audience cheered for her and the coaches seemed impressed. Next up was The Bushwackers who too were impressive with their song. After them was Gianna whose performance kept everyone emotional. 

Jess chose Giaan to the battle rounds and chose The Bushwackers to he ultimate callback leaving behind Tiarose who would be going home. 

Team Guy’s Callbacks

Guy grouped Jackson, Bella and Robbie together. These artists were going to be competing at a strong level and every one of them was good at what they do best, which is singing.

Guy Sebastian’s Team Returns for the Final Round of Callbacks

Well, Guy Sebastian was hoping for a lot from them. It was only a matter of time to find out. Guy chose Miley Cyrus as the theme for these artists.

Jackson, Bella, and Robbie Deliver Show-Stopping Performances 

Coach Sebastian gave ‘Slide Away’ to Bella, gave the song ‘Flowers’ to Jaxson, and Wrecking Ball to Robbie. It was a challenge for the singers. The first contender was Jaxson Cornwell starting off with a great vocal and additionally wowing Guy Sebastian immediately.

Next up was artist Bella Mackenzie who was seen with her guitar on the stage. Crowd just loved her performance. Soon after she came Robbie who is known for his vocal gave a thrilling performance. Robbie sat on his piano and coaches were just simply impressed. 

But, it was now time for Guy to make the tough decision. Guy sent Bella straight to the battle round while Robbie to the ultimate callback and Jaxson was sent home with a huge round of applause. The episode ended after that.