The Turnbull Brothers gave one hell of a show during their audition process on CGT 2023 which made them advance to the semi-final stages of the talent show.

Turnbull Brothers Performing on Canada's Got Talent Stage

It was one of the brothers named Evan Turnbull who began solo singing in the audition process and was later joined by his brother who was sitting with his family in the audience section. It was truly a great singing performance put up by the Turnbull brothers.

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Turnbull Brothers Canada’s Got Talent Audition Performance

As mentioned earlier that it was Evan Turnbull who introduced himself in front of the judges and as well as to the audience. He began singing normally during his audition performance and in the middle of his performance he was joined by his brother which was quite extraordinary and as well as surprising for the judges and as well as for the viewers because these boys were twins and they looked exactly like the same. They are only 19 years old and had only started singing a couple of years earlier.

Turnbull Brothers Canada’s Got Talent Audition Performance

Appearance On Other Platforms 

The brothers did not reveal much about their previous notable performance in other platforms. But, it seems that Canada’s Got Talent is one of the stages where these two have performed in front of a live audience for the first time. Both the brothers and their parents were present during the audition process of the show. 

Turnbull Brothers’ Last Performance on CGT 2023

The Turnbull brothers received a standing ovation from the judges and as well as from the crowd during the first episode of the third season of the show. The brothers received ‘Yes’ from all three judges and moved on to the further stages of the show. They will be performing in the semi-finals of the talent show. 

Turnbull Brothers Net Worth

The Turnbull brothers’ net worth is still under review. The brothers are just stepping into their musical career by making their debut in Canada’s Got Talent show this season. In case they are able to win the show then they will be receiving a good amount of prize money. 

Turnbull Brothers Age

  • Aaron Turnbull – 19 years old
  • Evan Turnbull – 19 years old 

They belong to Glace Bay and perform blues, country, and classic jazz music full-time. 

Awards & Achievements 

The official social media handle of the brothers do not reveal much about the awards and achievements made by them. But, they have revealed that they have recently started singing which was only a couple of years ago and want to build a career out of it.