Love After Lockup Audition 2024

Not all criminals are bad by heart. Willing to watch the love story of a criminal then Love After Lockup is the right reality series out there for you. The story of this reality television series revolves only around felons and their significant others. It tells the story of how they live and what hardships they go through after coming out from jail. 

Currently, Love After Lockup is premiering its fifth amazing season. Viewers and fans are quite happy and satisfied to look at felons going back to their significant ones and settling down a happy life. Not all people or fans can apply for a new season of Love After Lockup.

Do not make any decision that you end up behind bars just to come on this show. Further in this article, we will talk about the Love After Lockup application process, how to apply, eligibility criteria, requirements, casting process, and application process.

How to Apply for Love After Lockup Casting Call 2024?

The application process to be on a new season of Love After Lockup is online. One must know that the cast who we have seen in the previous seasons or episodes they were not actors. Here is the detailed step of how one can apply for Love After Lockup:-

  • The first step is to open your browser or Google and search for Love After Lockup Casting Crane. Casting Crane is the official website of Love After Lockup’s casting department 
  • After you have searched the keyword above, click on the first article that pops up or simply use this link Love After Lockup ( 
  • After you have opened this link, the official application page for Love After Lockup will open up and they will ask for some basic details 
  • Make sure you as an applicant read every question very carefully and fill out the application form
  • In the 20th question you are required to upload a good and recent photo of yourself and in the 21st question you need to upload a recent and good photo of your significant other 
  • The last question in the application form includes a short 30-60 seconds video where you need to give your introduction. Make sure the introduction is kept short and crisp so that the official casting director gets an insight into your personality. 
  • After you have given all the details including two photos and an introduction video make sure to recheck them once again and then click on the “Apply” button 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements For Love After Lockup Audition 2024

When it comes to a show that includes criminal activities, you need to follow all the eligibility criteria dn requirements. Not everyone who has an interest in participating in the show can apply for it. There are many eligibility criteria and requirements that one must follow before they even fill out the application form. 

Here are the eligibility criteria and requirements for Love After Lockup 2024:-

  • There are no age limits to be on the show 
  • The show is seeking couples who will see parole within the next six months 
  • People who have no criminal records cannot apply for a new season of this television reality show 
  • Must be open to sharing their personal life with the official production team or company 

Application Process for Love After Lockup 2024

The application process to be selected and impress the casting director of the show are all online. When you are filling out the official application form of Love After Lockup, make sure you fill out the form very carefully with no mistakes and honesty. As many sources have revealed that it is where you can grab the attention of the casting team or director of the show. 

The application form must be your main motive to be on a brand new season of Love After Lockup. One of the most interesting parts of being on Love After Lockup is that couples are paid around $250 per day or $2000 per episode by the officials of the show. 

Love After Lockup Casting Process

The casting process of Love After Lockup is very similar or same as the application process. Casts of the show are mostly selected looking at the application form that they have submitted to the officials of the show. 

The official team shortlists the applicants based on their personality and living style. If you answer the question properly then there is a good chance of you being in the new season of Love After Lockup.

Some of the questions which are asked in the official application form are asked by potential cast members of the show, this is one of the reasons why the application process is very important if you are willing to be on the new season of Love After Lockup.