K-Pop took a serious turn in the recent musical era. The industry has grown enormously in the last five years. Some of its musical groups have broken lots of world records and in the coming years, they will do more. Similarly, we have Kim Seok-woo who is popularly known as Rowoon as his stage name is a member of a famous K-Pop boy band SF9. 

Whichever member from whatever brand we choose they are always on the headlines. Currently, Rowoon is making some serious headlines for his fans and followers. There is a piece of news that has come forward from Rowoon which is surprising many of his fans and followers. 

Rowoon Biography

Here is the short and detailed biography of Rowoon:-

Name Kim Seok-woo 
Nationality South Korean 
Stage Name Rowoon 
Profession Actor, Singer, and Model
Birth DateAugust 7 1996
Age 27
Boy Band SF9
Rowoon Bio

Rowoon Top Earning Sources

Rowoon is one of the most famous K-Pop singers in the Korean industry. He has heard quite a lot of fame because of his work in the entertainment industry.

Due to his high popularity, he has increased his net worth and earning sources quite significantly over the past few years. Moreover, his main source of income is from his professional career which is as K-Pop Idol, singing, actor, and model. 

Aside from his professional career, he is quite active in various endorsements. He has become the face of many brands in the Korean industry. Back in January 2020, he was selected as the new model for the cosmetics brand KLAVUU.

Later in the same year, he was selected as the new brand ambassador for Gong Cha Korea. He is also the brand ambassador for The North Face White Label and was also selected as the new model for the famous cosmetics brand Estee Lauder. 

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What is the Real Name of Rowoon? 

Rowoon is the stage name but, his real name is something else. The real name of Rowoon is Kim Seok-woo. Yes, it might come as a surprise to many but, Kim Seok is the real name of Rowoon. It surely is a beautiful name which was given by one of his special family members. 

How He Get Rowoon as Name by His Grandfather? 

Interestingly, this beautiful name was given by his grandfather. There is a deep meaning to the name which was given by his grandfather. 

Seok means minerals and Woo stands for helper. According to an interview, Rowoon revealed that his grandfather always wanted him to help others and contribute to the world. It seems like he is following his grandfather’s wish. 

Rowoon Girlfriend/Wife

This South Korean actor, model, and singer is not married. He had a girlfriend before he debuted and he revealed in an interview that she was his first love and she was the person he loved the most during his 24 years of life. 

Rowoon has also revealed that he is the “good guy” when he is on dates. In the past, there were some rumours about Ruwoon dating actress Kim Hye Yoon but, we do not know how long did that go. 

Rowoon Net Worth

Rowoon is making a fortune from his entertainment career. At a very young age, he found what he wanted to do and has achieved more than half of his bucket list. According to some sources, we are expecting that his estimated net worth is near to $15 million. 

Ruwoon Leaves SF9 But Why? 

Recently, this handsome South Korean singer, actor, and model has been in the headlines because he left his Boy Band SF9. Fans and surely worried that they will not be able to see him and his other friends performing together. 

Ruwoon has made his exit from SF9 after seven years and is apologetic to his fans and followers. Yes, it will not be the same as it was when he was in the group. Now, the reason why he left the boy band was that he wanted to continue to focus on solo activities and acting. We hope to see him as a different and new figure in his upcoming projects.