Love Triangle is Australian industry’s one of the most addictive relationship series ever made in the Australian industry. It tackles the superficiality of modern dating head-on and how they have evolved through generations. Not all viewers or fans of the show will know this but, this reality relationship series is set in the real world. This series docu-soap challenges a group of love-deprived singles to look out for and grasp their perfect partner.

It might look and sound easy but, in reality, it is quite difficult. To find the right partner one must have a deep understanding and thoughts about each other. The twist that has captured everyone’s attention in this show is that the only way both couples can communicate is through messaging and phone calls. Both the contestants and audience will not know what their preferred matches look like until they make their final choice, and then go on their very first blind date.

Who Is In The Love Triangle Season 2 Cast?

Fans and viewers need not to worry as the cast for the second season has been revealed by Stan. After the release of the cast for the second season we are expecting the second season will be worth waiting. Here is the cast for the second season of Love Triangle:-

Sr. NONameAgeProfession
4Sam35Business Owner
5Sulei28Social Worker
6Tamera26Creator and Model


Alan is a 32-year-old Electrician who resides in Victoria. Other than his professional life, he also runs a business and is an ex-semi-professional AFL player. In an interview, he revealed that he has been to many “inauthentic” dates, but this time, he is looking for a partner who will be authentic and understand him very well.


She is a 28-year-old model from Victoria who has been selected for the cast of Love Triangle season 2. She is a pansexual model who is very eagerly searching for her soulmate in the upcoming brand-new season of the show. Being a pansexual, she has been in relationships with both men and women in her past. But, she revealed in an interview that, she has not dated a man in over four years now and that is what she is going to change.


Another great cast for the second season of this relationship reality series. She is a 25-year-old comedian from Tasmania, Australia. People love comedians as they have a good sense of humour and having a good sense of humour in a partner is a blessing. Nellie is one of the most loving and fun casts in the second season of the show.


Sam is a 35-year-old business owner who resides in Western Australia. He surely is one of the most handsome contestants in the second season of the reality dating show. Currently, he is looking for his perfect partner and is quite sure he will get one at the end of the second season.


He is a 28-year-old social worker from Queensland. In an interview, he revealed that he has been single for nearly four years now and the most interesting part is he has never been in love. But, this time we are sure something else will happen with him in the second season. He is a devoted family man and is looking for a self-assured partner that his family will adore.


She is a 26-year-old creator and a model who comes from New South Wales. Tamera was not born in Australia but, she was born in the UK, London. Some of you will know her through her videos and vlogs. This model has been single for the past five years and she is excited and ready to meet her partner in the second season of the show.

Is There A Trailer for Love Triangle Season 2?

Stan, the official streamer of the dating relationship reality show is yet to release the official trailer for the second season of the show. Currently, the official YouTube channel of the show is posting all the recaps of its first season. But, as the cast of the show has been revealed, each of them has a short official interview video posted on the official YouTube channel of Stan Australia.

If you are willing to watch the casts for the second season of the show then make sure to visit the official YouTube channel of Stan Australia and give a look at the cast.

Is There A Release Date For Love Triangle Season 2?

The officials of the show have not kept its fans waiting for too long. Yes, the second season of the show has got its official confirmed release date.

Stan Australia, the official production house of Love Triangle announced that the second season of Love Triangle will be coming on 5th October 2023.

What Is the Release Schedule for Love Triangle Season 2?

The official release date of the show has been revealed by Stan Australia and the days the show will be premiering its episodes.

Stan Australian also revealed that the show will be returning with a double-episode premiere next month. So, there will be a double episode on 5th October followed by brand new episodes every Thursday. Fans and viewers of the show will get to witness new episodes every Thursday.

Who is The Narrator for Love Triangle (Australian Version) Season 2?

The second season of the show welcomes Ella May Ding who also happens to be MAFS Alumni as the narrator of the show. We have seen her in different projects and we have to agree she completes them with perfection.
Ella May Ding is excited and happy to meet and narrate the cast for Love Triangle season 2. Fans and viewers of the show have no doubt that she will keep up with the expectations.

Where Can I Watch Love Triangle Season 2?

Love Triangle season 2 will be streaming exclusively on Stan Australia. Currently, the first season of the show is airing on the platform if you are willing to take a recap you can always visit the streaming platform and binge-watch the first season at once.
Fans and viewers who are willing to watch the second season from outside Australia then they will need to use a VPN. After that, they can easily watch all the episodes for free.