XO Kitty has been officially renewed for the second season, it’s quite rare to include new faces for Xo Kitty Season 2, still if you are interested for extras casting for xo kitty, here this article is for you. Here are the complete details about how to be on Xo Kity Season 2 audition, casting call & application details.

XO, Kitty is a romantic comedy series on Netflix whose first season only arrived in May 2023. It has been less than a month and viewers are already waiting for answers about its second season. Well, this series has been well-received by the critics and from the viewers as well which gives high hope to the viewers and fans that the showrunners and the production team will be looking forward to bringing another season of the romantic comedy series on Netflix. Here is what we know so far about the second season.

Xo Kitty on Netflix

Xo Kitty Will Return for Season 2

Xo, Kitty first season had just hit the streaming platform a month ago and lucky for fans that the showrunners have decided to move with yet another season. Yes, there will be season 2 of Xo Kitty as the romantic comedy series was renewed for a new season.

It was on the official social media of Netflix when they had revealed that they were moving forward with the second season. Now, as of now it is too early to guess about the arrival for the second season but if everything happens on track then we can expect it very soon.

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Be a Part of XO Kitty: Audition for Season 2

You can apply or register yourself with popular casting websites like Backstage. Apart from this, you can contact your agent to get in touch with the concerned casting team of Xo, Kitty to get you on board for an audition process. It is possible that the showrunners will be looking for new faces but someone who will be having previous experience will be preferable to them.

You can also follow the social media handles of the show or Netflix in case they announce something new for the audition process or if they decide to hire someone new for a specific role. 

Xo, Kitty Season 2 Audition Process

XO Kitty has been announced for season 2 & audition updates shall go live, for the complete audition process follow the below steps.

As mentioned earlier, you would have to follow the official social media handles of Netflix or the show so that you remain updated about the latest news about its audition process. Now, this is not a reality show but in case they are looking for a new face for their upcoming season then they might advertise it on their social media.

It is important that you keep yourself updated with the latest updates from the team so that you can apply for it when the time comes. 

How To Apply For Xo Kitty Season 2 Auditions?

The official social media handles might reveal the details of the audition process. They may even put up an email where you might be asked to submit a video of yourself which will be considered as your audition process. But these things happen in the case of reality shows.

However, you can contact your agent to hook you up with the audition process of the upcoming season of XO Kitty. This way the audition process will be clean and direct with the concerned team and most probably you will get to know then and there whether you made it through or not.

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