The Amazing Race Canada Last Night Elimination & Episode Summary 

The Amazing Race Canada is moving forward very rapidly. The ninth episode was named “Light the Candle.” It was where all the teams made their way to Toronto, where after the opening bell, all the contestants were faced with a very tough climb.

Unfortunately, just like any other episode of the show, two of the amazing contestants had to be eliminated. Now, only four couples are left in the show who will be participating further.

Last Night’s Elimination: Jermaine Aranha and Justin Bard

Jermaine Aranha and Justin Bard are the two contestants who were eliminated from the show last night. Both friends were the sixth couple to be eliminated from the show last night. This couple was eliminated in Saguenay, Quebec.

Memorable Contestants from Drag Race

Fans might know them from Drag Race who participated in the ninth season of The Amazing Race Canada. Unfortunately, they might have faced elimination but, being on the ninth season of the show was a ‘win’ for them and also for the fans of the series. 

The Mystery of the Double Pass

This is one of those unique groups in the ninth season that portrayed electric energy. Both the contestants believed that they made people laugh, cry, and entertained throughout their presence.  But, the main question that came out was why none of the teams decided to use the Double Pass to try to beat out their competition.

To this question, Jermaine said that everyone in the show was trying to put too much weight on the Double Pass situation. He believed that it was a game move that everyone chose not to use and it meant something. 

At the very beginning of episode 9, all the teams were instructed to travel Toronto, Ontario. In this leg’s Roadblock, one of the team members had to use a mechanical ascender to climb a 90-foot pillar. This pillar was located at OCAD University.

On the other hand, for the leg’s face-off, two teams had to compete against each other in the best-of-five games in tennis. Any team who will win three games will get their next clue, while the losing teams have to wait for another team. 

Challenging Tasks: Climbing, Tennis, and Alien Encounters

After this, all the teams had to travel to the Immersion Room, dressed as astronauts, and memorize a script for an alien encounter which was written in an alien language. Here all the teams had to perform without any error so that they could get their next clue but, that did not happen for Jermaine Aranha and Justin Bard

Elimination Process on Amazing Race Canada 

The elimination process on Amazing Race Canada is quite simple and straightforward. At the beginning of each leg, teams receive an allowance of cash. This allowance is given to cover all the expenses during the legs.

Teams have to follow clues and Route Markers that will lead them to different destinations. Interestingly, along the way they will face tasks as well. The modes of travel between these destinations include commercial and chartered aeroplanes, boats, trains, taxis, buses, and rented vehicles provided by the show only.

The elimination process is where each leg ends with a twelve-hour Pit stop where the teams can take a rest. It is where the team that arrives last will be eliminated until only three teams remain there. Most legs in this show comprise three or more challenges, it is often a Roadblock, Detour, and a Route Info Task.

Who Got Eliminated on Amazing Race Canada till Now This Season?

Amazing Race Canada is surely one of the best reality shows that we have seen. Due to its high success, the show has aired 8 successful seasons for all the fans and critics. Now, the show is premiering its ninth and most amazing season for all the fans and critics. The 9th season of the show premiered on July 4, 2023, and it airs once every week. 

When it comes to the elimination of this show, only one team has been eliminated so far. It might be a tough phase of the show but, this is what makes the show more interesting. Gail and Gisele are the first ones to be eliminated in the first episode of the show. 

Remaining Contestants on Amazing Race Canada 

Here are the remaining contestants on Amazing Race Canada season 9:-

  • Ty and Cat 
  • Gracie and Lily 
  • Derek and Jaspal 
  • Jermaine and Justin 
  • Tyler and Kayleen 
  • Deven and Amanda 
  • Shayla and Joel 
  • Ben and Anwar 
  • Allie and Eddie