7:30 p.m- Previously on the third episode we saw one team taking a big risk and got a good reward at the end. Jana and Cor were the couples who forgot their bags and did not go very well. Fortunately, it was a non-elimination round and everyone passed the stage.

Tonight contestants would be participating in tropical paradise and island of terrors. One wrong turn will send one team home or they will be eliminated. Let’s get started with the fourth episode of The Amazing Race Australia. 

The fourth leg begins in the islands of Langkawi, Malaysia. The teams have taken an overnight flight from India to Langkawi. It was Darren and Tristan who came first and got their first clue. It was to drive to Telaga Harbour Marina and search for their next clue.

The next team was Ben and Jackie and they had to drive a manual car. They were followed by Harry and Teddy. Then slowly all the team came up and got into their cars.

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7:35- Some of the teams have reached their next spot. They got their next clue which was a detour. Detour was a choice between two challenges each with its pros and cons. In this detour, teams will choose between Eagle Eye or Mai Tai. To get to Eagle Eye, teams will jet ski to the north of Langkawi.

They will spot an artwork in the middle of the sea and once they are back on solid ground they will need to make their way to a floating shop which sells hundreds of eagle trinkets. They need to locate the exact trinket that matches the eagle from the pontoon. If they successfully do so they will get their next clue.

If they are wrong then they will need to head up in the air for another pass. On the other hand, teams that choose Mai Tai will head to a neighbouring island south of the harbour. They will need to face the ultimate test of balance and stamina. They must collect a tray of cocktails and deliver it to holiday-makers on a boat through a standup paddleboard. If they do it without spilling any they will receive their next clue. 

7:40 pm- The last couple of teams who did not do very well were coming now for their next clue. George and Pam who came last in the last episode, got Speed Bump. It is a penalty for the team who arrived last. George and Pam had to clean up the seashore. Teams were now doing their respective challenges.

Ben’s team who were into Eagle Eye completed their challenge and was now looking for the right eagle trinket. Unfortunately, they got their answers wrong and had to do everything all over again. It was Darren’s team who was now selecting the right eagle. Fortunately, they got it right the first time.

Their next clue was to catch a boat to Gua Pinang and search for the next clue. We could see Pam and George cleaning up the seashore. Bec and Kate completed their challenge and got their next clue. Alli and her partner also got the Eagle Eye right along with Harry and Teddy. 

7:50 pm- 

Pam and George cleaned the seashore and were up for the next clue. They were facing a tough time in the Mai Tai challenge.  Darren and Tristen along with Bec and Kate are moving fast towards the bat caves. Reaching to the bat spot contestants were not happy about it. After the second attempt, Ben and Jackie chose the correct eagle tristen.

Emma and Hailey, Jana and Cor, Peter and Frankie finished their challenge and were now heading for the bat cave. Inside the bat cave, Darren and Tristen got their clue and it was the roadblock. The clue was that they found the bat, who would find their fruit. In roadblocks, only one team member must choose to complete.

In this challenge team will head to a local fruit farm, one team member must replicate an exotic fruit hamper using the fruit from the farm. They will need to get every detail the same. Once they have completed they will get their next clue. 

After a lot of attempts, George and Pam finally completed their task. Now, they have to go to the bat cave. Most of the teams have already reached the bat cave and got their clue. Darren and Tristan had already reached in the next spot and started completing the challenge. 

8:00 pm- Harry and Teddy are now reaching the cave along with the dad and daughter duo. They immediately receive their next clue. Slowly, all the teams are now in their roadblock challenge. Most of the contestants were getting this challenge wrong. People were very stressed becasue many of the tailenders did not see the top teams.

Ben and Jackie along with Pam and George were in the caves now. They were now for the roadblock challenge. It was Cor who finished the roadblock first and received his next clue. The challenge was to drive their way across the island to Tanjung Rhu. then on foot, they will search the beach for the host near the “I Love Langkawi” sign.

It was the pit stop for the fourth leg of Amazing Race Australia. Again Darren and Tristen became the first team to check but, it was a virtual pit stop. Jana and Cor became the second team to check-in. 

8:10 pm- We could see the other teams trying very hard to pass the roadblock challenge. But, very soon all the teams were getting a pass on this challenge except for Pam and George. Bec and Kate became the third team to check in followed by Emma and Hailey.

Peter and Frankie now completed the roadblock challenge only leaving George and Pam at last. But, they very soon received their next clue. Ben and Jackie become the fifth team to check-in. Allie and Angie become the sixth team to check-in. Harry and Teddy become the seventh team to check-in. George and Pam become the eighth team to check-in. Peter and Frankie become the last team to check in and unfortunately got eliminated from the show. 

Who got eliminated on Amazing Race tonight? 

It was Peter and Frankie who got eliminated from the show. 

Who stood first on tonight’s episode of Amazing Race? 

Darren and Tristen became the first team on the last episode.