The most exciting reality show The Amazing Race is about to be back on its official network CBS as CBS has only confirmed it by introducing the teams participating in the Amazing Race.

Recently the show has announced its latest team that will be participating in the upcoming season 35 of The Amazing Race. One of the teams participating in the show is the team of  Liam and Yeremi Hykel.

Liam and Yeremi are two brothers from Texas ready to travel the world while exploring the thrills of the journey. 

About the Duo

The enthusiastic duo consisting of Liam Hykel and Yeremi Hykel are brothers. Liam is from Cheyenne, Wyoming while Yeremi is from San Marcos, Texas. Both have mentioned that patience is an important factor while performing on CBS’s popular show The Amazing Race.

The brothers have a one-year gap where Liam Hykel is 23 years old and Yeremi Hykel is 24 years old Both are professional in their careers Liam works in the Navy and Yeremi works as a Marine Corps veteran.

What Describes Liam and Yeremi Hykel Ethnicity ?

The latest season of Amazing Race have some highly talented and young contestants. Contestants in the show are taking on a whirlwind adventure around the globe in this 35th special season. Among the 13 contestants on the special show, we have two beautiful brothers, Liam and Yeremi Hykel. 

They are the special brothers who are giving their best in the latest season of the show. We must agree they are very active and have lots of confidence to complete any challenges given to them. They are born and brought up in America so we are expecting that they are Christian by birth. 

Liam and Yeremi Hykel Nationality 

The famous brother duo in the 35th season of Amazing Race are from the USA. Liam lives in Cheyenne Wyoming and Yeremi lives in San Marcos. Liam is just 23-years-old and his older brother is Yeremi Hykel who is 24-years-old. 

Liam comes from a military background and that is one of the reasons why he is very active and excited for this show. Interestingly, he has shared his excitement on his social media. Both the brothers form a good team and we are sure they will complete all the challenges very easily as they have all the skills required for the show.

About Liam Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Liam Hykel is 23 years old from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Liam is a Navy Veteran and loves to do adventures. He has shared about his appearance on the Amazing Race with his brother Yeremi on his social media. He also shared his excitement to join the show and explore new adventures and challenges they will face on the show.

While talking about their plus point that will make them stand out, Liam said that he has patience and he thinks patience can take them a long way while performing tasks and surviving challenges.

According to him, common sense and patience go hand in hand. Liam is a Navy Veteran and is assumed to be earning decently although his net worth is not known yet.

About Yeremi Hykel Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Yeremi Hykel is a Marine Corps Veteran by profession. He is 24 years old and very enthusiastic about adventure and Sports. He has mentioned himself as an Athlete on his Instagram profile.

Yermi has shared the news of him being on the popular adventure show The Amazing Race season 35 with his brother Liam. While talking about the show they shared that both brothers have patience with each other which will help them to survive the challenges.

Yeremi’s net worth is unknown for now. Although he is working in the Marine Corps it is assumed that he must be having a generous amount of income. You can learn more about Yeremi on his own website

What did they say about the show?

Liam and Yeremi both are excited about the show and surviving the challenges on the Amazing Race season 35. They both have said that they both have patience and they try to understand each other patiently which is their plus point.

However, they also added that the previous teams who were on the Amazing Race didn’t have much patience which made them not win the show but this duo believe that they can win the show and go a long way by keeping patience with each other.

Social Media Profiles

Yeremi Hykel is actively available on Instagram with the name Yeremi. Hykel. He has shared about his presence on The Amazing Race with his brother Liam by sharing a post tagging Liam he has elaborated on how excited he is for the show.

Along with Yeremi Liam Hykel has also shared his excitement about joining the Amazing Race season 35 with his brother on his social media accounts. Liam is available on Instagram with the name bedtimeflacko.

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