Who Is Annelise Drake On Big Brother Au?

Big Brother Australia is back with its 15th season which will be premiering within a few days. The show will once again see a new line of contestants who interestingly will not just battle it out for the ultimate cash prize but will also find love if they are lucky enough.

Similarly, one of the BBAu contestants who will be seen in the 15th season is Annelise Drake. She is a young female contestant with her entry confirmed in this season of BBAU. Let us know more about her in this article.

About Annelise Drake 

Annelise Drake is a 24 year old pilates instructor from Queensland. She is a beautiful-looking woman with a decent height and a fair skin who will be fighting for the ultimate cash prize in this season.

But, we all know that it is not going to be so easy for her. Annelise is an Australian who has been born and brought up in Queensland and she is a confident woman who has got the support of her friends and family to be a strong contestant in this season. We believe that she is quite wary of making any romantic connections in the house. 

Annelise Drake Bio, Wiki & Age

Name Annelise Drake 
Age 24
Hometown Queensland (Australia)
Occupation Pilates Instructor 
Social media Annelise Drake (@annelisedrake) • Instagram photos and videos
Appearance Big Brother Australia Season 15
Annelise Drake Bio

Annelise is a pilates instructor by profession who was born and brought up in Queensland. It is likely that she completed her studies in her hometown.

Currently, she works as a pilates instructor and she wants to be careful while selecting her partner in case she wants herself to be in a relationship with someone in this season of Big Brother Australia.

She is currently 24 years old and it is possible that she being a contestant in the upcoming season of Big Brother AU will be the first time she will be making her appearance in a television show. 

Annelise Drake’s Estimated Net Worth & Earnings

Annelise is professionally a pilates instructor and her exact net worth has not been revealed as of now. So, we can assume that she probably could be earning around $35k to $50k per annum because that is the average salary received by a Pilates instructor in Australia.

The pay scale will also depend on where she could be working because it is not fixed for every state. So, it would be justified to say that Annelise earns pretty decent enough to make her living. So far, she has not revealed any other additional sources of income yet. 


Annelise was born and brought up in Australia. She belongs to the state of Queensland. It is likely that she completed her studies in her hometown itself.

She has not revealed much about her personal life like her family and friends but her social media (Instagram) suggests she likes meeting new people and exploring new places. 

Annelise’s Boyfriend & Relationship Status

Annelise is currently single or has not updated her relationship status. She likes to keep her private life separate from the media which is why not exact details could be provided. But, we hope that details about her relationship will surface soon enough. 

Professional Life & Career of Annelise on Big Brother Au

Annelise is a pilates instructor professionally and it seems like she has been into this field for a while now because there are no details of her working anywhere else.

However, it would be likely that she may not be working as a pilates instructor for long because if she wins this season then she can do a lot of things with it. She has not revealed her future plans yet but we hope to get some instructions soon enough.