Today is the seventh day of the auditions and it’s the final day of selection. This means that the participants are feeling a lot of anticipation and stress, which is obvious from their nervous expression.

The viewers are in treat of double the entertainment due to the heightened emotion. Let’s see what the episode has brought us today. The one who made it to the final TOP 30 list of AUstralian idol let us see!

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TJ (24 years) Karratha, WA

Tj performance of Khalid’s Location marked as the best performance so far in the audition round. With no formalities of going onto the next round he secured his Golden Ticket in the audition itself, securing his position in the Top 30. I’m in shock at how professional you are”, said Amy, and she was absolutely right in his case. 

From Karratha, when he was first brought in by his parents, he didn’t enjoy the place. However, as time went by, he began to feel a sense of belonging to the place.He wanted the world to see him. As TJ says,”It is not the place where you come from but the performance you bring in”

Chennai Boucher (26 years)

Melbourne, Victoria

Chennai, who had previously faced rejection, has finally achieved redemption in the current season.”I’m back because I believe in myself” as said by her. She has earned a converted golden ticket that granted her the access to the top 30. 

During the auditions she performed Bishop Briggs’s  “River” left the judges in awe, earning her two yeses out of three. As the competition progresses, it will be fascinating to see how far Chennai can go, given the stakes have risen even higher.

Imogen Spendlove (23 years)

Melbourne, Victoria

Working in a factory packaging, she wanted to change her reality. So, she went to the Australian Idol to display her true potential. She chose to sing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” and her performance mesmerized the judges. She got into her zone while singing and eventually won the well-deserved ticket to the next round.

You have great power and a lovely tone. Marcia’s comment, “I think we’re seeing the next Australian Idol,” from Marcia. Her performance really lightened the tensed moment of the audition