After nearly four to five months America’s Got Talent season 18 is in its conclusion stage. This version of America’s Got Talent has impressed a lot of fans from across the world and we are sure many are going to miss it.

But, just like any other competition or talent show this version has come to an end. Now, there are a lot of predictions for the remaining contestants who have reached the finale of the show. 

AGT Stage With Winners of Season 18

We have seen all the acts from the finalists and now many are confused about who could be declared the winner of America’s Got Talent season 18. The voting for the final results will close down very soon, so prior to that all the people willing to vote or have missed out can do it right now by visiting the official website of the show.

Who won AGT Season 18?

The winner for this season of America’s Got Talent is Adrian Stoica & Hurricane. The talent from this latest season has been nothing short of exceptional.

Everyone who is on the final list deserves first place in the competition. Starting from Mzansi Youth Choir to Lavender Darcangelo everyone deserves to be on top. But, that is not how talent competition shows work.

The results for the 18th season of America’s Got Talent will be revealed very soon and this would be the very right time for all the readers and fans of the show to cast their vote for their favorite participant or act from yesterday’s final act before it closes down. 

AGT 2023 Champion – S18

The champion title for AGT 2023 goes to Adrian Stoica & Hurricane. But, it surely has been an amazing journey for all the participants who came up to the stage and participated with full confidence. Stay tuned for the final result declaration from the officials on 27th September at 8 p.m. ET.

All the contestants in the show represent a plethora of talent and we are sure the deserving ones will be declared winner and runner-up of the show also applications for AGT season 20 will open.

How much is the Winner Prize Money For AGT 2023?

The final winner of America’s Got Talent has always won a huge cash prize since the beginning. Whoever is declared the winner of a particular season they take it all home.

Since the first season of the show, the cash prize has always been one million dollars. Each and every winner from the first season of the show was paid one million dollars and the same is what we are expecting for the current season of America’s Got Talent. 

AGT 2023 Winner Prediction 

As the results for the 18th season of America’s Got Talent are nearing, many sources are making their winner predictions. At this point, anyone could be declared the winner as they gave an amazing performance on the final show.

According to, they have predicted that the final winner will be either Murmuration or Putri Ariani. Both group and participant respectively gave jaw-dropping performance and the chances are quire higher that either from them could be declared the winner. 

Moreover, people have different opinions. It all depends on the voting counts and only a few hours are left for the final vote count. Adrian and Hurricane are the other group that is getting a lot of recognition. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the final result time of America’s Got Talent season 18 2023. 

Who is the runner up of AGT Season 18?

Just like the winner of the show, the runner-up is also declared but, Among the six contestants or groups, Anna DeGuzman stood to be the Runner Up.

Who is the winner of AGT 2023? 

Adrian Stoica & Hurricane is the winner of AGT 2023.

Who won the title of the AGT 2023 trophy? 

Adrian Stoica & Hurricane won the Title of AGT 2023.